Friday, May 30, 2008

An offending letter from the council representative

may 30 2008

I don't like authorities breathing in my neck.

Maybe I'm too much a child from the time I could put my bycicle against the wall near the shop and still find it at the same place after shopping.
Maybe I'm too much from the time that people could choose everything without being aware that they were choosing.

That utter freedom of drawing a path through life and walking it, enjoying the scenery, the feelings.

When I was young I wasn't aware of all those written and unwritten laws, rules and regulations.
I don't think they were invented with the rate I see them mentioned in the papers nowadays.

I still want other people to trust me, and it's very shocking that so many people don't belief others are good.

I can't handle the feeling that others approach me like I'm breaking the law.

The representative of the council wrote me a letter.
Well, first of all I'm not the only parent of my autistic son, and the letter was addressed to me alone.

Second: she's controling me.
I can understand that, but she thinks that a new submission to the aut-class and a new letter stating that they have no place, means we can force the school to take him.

Perhaps she's too young and unexperienced to understand how it works.
When there's no place there's no place.
At the school the kids are supported in so many ways that one teacher can take only so much workload.

Putting pressure on me just makes me feel even more helpless toward the whole system.
Threatening me to bring me to court (not the father, me) makes me so angry.
I have done everything to find a place for my autistic son, but there is no school admitting him.

The other part of the letter was equally offending.
I mentioned I would try to change things in town regarding the availability of places at schools. So I made an appointment with one of the members of the council.

It's not something she has to supervice or to control, but she wants me to report.

No way.

I'll try to motivate the council to change matters in this town. Let them inform her.

Life is stressful enough.
I don't need this woman adding to it.



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