Friday, May 30, 2008

No X-rays

may 30 2008

Today I went with one of the girls to the orthodontist.

A few months ago, at the dentist, x-rays were made and the orthodontist wanted to make new ones.

Already last week my daughter told the secretary that good x-rays were available, but the woman said they needed to be repeated.


I can understand that he wants to make a new mold, as some of the teeth have grown in the meantime... but the same x-rays?

So I asked him why.

"We always make our own."

"I'm sure you're not going to tell me that yours are better, because his instruments are from a later date. Same factory."

He looked up and smiled.

"I'm old-fashioned. No x-ray unless it's absolutely necessary.
As far as I know the adagio still holds.
At least it did in 1998." (The year he finished his studies).

We both laughed.

He went, called the dentist, and came back.

"No X-rays for now."

So my girl had the martyrequipment in her mouth to get the molds, had some normal photos taken from her teeth, and we said our goodbye with a smile.

Because it wasn't realistic to go to school anymore, we went shopping and found some jibbitz for our fake crocks.
Crocks are a kind of plastic shoe. Very comfortable.
The real brand ones are very expensive, but the fake ones are between 2 and 10 dollars.
Jibbitz are a kind of plastic jewelry. They look like the pillowbuttons we had when I was young.
You put it in a hole of the shoe for decoration.

Here is one.

They were prized wrong, so we asked the manager.
He insisted the prize was right. Well.. they make a nice gift. So we took some home.


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