Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the night of the 13th

may 13 2008

I should have looked at the date when I went to bed.

When I was pushed straight up at 4.19 hours, I should have done it too.
The sound which made me freeze into a sitting position in my bed was from my son.

He was yelling against his computer.

The windows were all open, so the whole world must have come to a halt.

He couldn't sleep, he told me, and his computer didn't work. And the whole world is a mess.

I couldn't agree more with the last statement, but I doubt if he cared.

I closed the window of his room and turned.
He stared me straight in the face and then started his litany of all his complaints.
Included were the weather (twice), the other children, his computer, school, the government and a lot more.

So I told him to go to sleep, now it all was out.

No, he wasn't going to sleep, because he couldn't sleep at all.
The book I first suggested was stupid, the other was intentionally too girly.
Well, OK, then he would take the first one.

By that time I was angry on the whole world myself.

Why didn't I have children that are normal and are sleeping in no time when something woke them up during the night.

A big spider was using my bathroomwall to have a walk...NO WAY!!

By the time I was sure he was dead I was so wide awake that I didn't fall asleep anymore.

And my son?

He was sleeping with a book by his side like a sweet teddybear.


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