Friday, May 9, 2008

Nice morning shopping

may 9 2008

I called the dentist early in the morning.
Couldn't get an appointment sooner than next friday!!!!
All I can do now is hope that the rest of the molar won't break off.

Then my oldest and I went to the shopping centre to find him new glasses.
He tried out a lot and ended with one of 299 euro.

So when the woman who helped us left for a moment I told him that he should have another look, as 299 euro is a lot.

When she came back he asked for another look al models that looked the same.
She smiled and told him that she also thought that these glasses were far too expensive.

She handed him a variation on one he already tried, but didn't like.
Now the rim wasn't black, but a nice colour of grey.
When he put it on his whole face seemed to change for the better.

After that we went windowshopping, bought some bread we never have bought before, tasted cheese in a shop and bought a piece, and went home.

We had such a good time!



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