Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new day... a new future for my son

may 7 2008

Everything feels and looks like it's summer.
I even had the window open all night without feeling cold for a minute.

I'm waiting for one of my sons to leave the shower and hop in myself.

He takes so much time I think I have to walk straight from the shower to the busses to be in time for an appointment.
Don't worry, I'll dress first.

Just a thin cotton long dress with a matching thin blouse/jacket on it.

He's decided to take his future into retailing.

Last year he started working in a job, just to get some money, and it turned out one of the best decisions of his life.
He loves working there, and he seeks responsibility.

So I phoned a college in town and we're going to have a talk there about which subjects he needs to take and which support he can get.
He's severely dyslectic.

He can do without support.
The lack of, has made him find out all sorts of compensation mechanisms.
But after all the bad expereinces he's had at the school he is now, he deserves a good start at the next educational level.

Do I hear the shower has stopped without me calling over and over and over again?


I'm off!!!!


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