Saturday, May 31, 2008

My dreamhouse and garden

may 31 2008

~Designer's Choice~

1. My home would be in the style of?

When I would be a designer I would use one of those wooden houses people can partialy make themselves.

I would use light-reddish wood, which colours through time to a warm golden brown, so you can measure your own age against the house.

Large windows, overviewing a wide panorama with mountains in the background, and between them a small stripe of horizon, enough to see the sun set.

I would use the same colour of wood in the furniture. Not too much.
Added deep brown coloured elements.

Curtains and main areas of colour would be blue. Depending on my mood I would use a medium blue. But it might even be matching the air of a bright sunny day.

To add a bit of spoof: a bit of red and yellow here and there. The yellow especially near the dark brown and darker blue.

No open kitchen, but one with windows to the dinnerroom or -area, and large enough to contain a large table, so the kitchen might be dinnerroom too.

The sleepingrooms would be rather small: a bed, space to move, a wardrobe and a place to throw the clothes.
But each speelingroom would have an annex with a nice spot to sit down and work at the computer or work, or be bussy with a hobby. Lots of shelves and a nice view outside.

Need I go on?

2. My kind of furniture style is?

Haha..I have no style. We still use what's childresistant. (and I hate it)

I don't know anything about furniture styles, but I don't like robust furniture.
Maybe in a large house, but not here.

Light wood will be OK in my dreamhouse. And one of a kind.

3. My floors would be covered with?

Wood. Warm real wood.

Roght now I'm in desperate need of a new floor here. Woodgrain vinyl. We had tiles and I love to have tiles again, but I can't find them.
Making regular vinyl into tiles is an option, but it's too expensive.

We need a vinyl floor because of the asthma (3 of us) and the mess the kids make at times.

4. My landscaping would look like?

Natural. Lots of flowers. Smells.
At my dreamhouse I would have a very large parc-ish garden.
With a winding path that leads to surprising views.
And a secret garden..... let me have a secret garden.
To hide, to dream, to stay forever.

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