Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom of 6 did it!

may 11 2008

I did it!!

I made some firm bids on a dollshouse last night, but I still owe my own money, because someone else made a ridiculous bid. Maybe the seller himself with a second acount, because everyone was bidding rather careful and suddenly one bid came in and was skyhigh. So strange.

Well, I started surfing around, got me a glass of cranberry juice and enjoyed the silence of the night.

For a long time I've wanted to do more with the dollshouse items I've collected.
I do have a dollshouse, but it's 1:24.
Most of my items are 1:12 thought. So too large. But they're beautiful.

I've decided to take a bit more effort to start a 1:12 house.

When I can't find a dollshouse I love against a reasonable prize, I can at least start with one room.

I have such lovely dolls:
a real victorian lady
two maids
one pair of parents

I have even a beautiful christal chandelier

A large table with kitchenitems, which can be used for a kitchen or a shop.

Furniture for rooms and a kitchen.

Etc etc.

Instead of the dollshouse I bought a lovely cot and crib. I can use lace to make them victorian. (Even though I doubt if victorians slept under lace. LOL!)
And I bought a tiny silvercolour teaset.

Because I know a few teasets waiting to be bought for a few pennies, I've deccided to start a teaset shop.

I can't wait!!!!!

So I finally made a step towards realising a dream that brightens my phantasy for so many years.

I did it!!!!

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New on my wishlist: (Not all houses, but these I like)

Patricia Villa - gulfriend (EUR 187,79) Item No. Co29116

Mini Palæ - Creme (EUR 228,05) Item No. 29104-9

De Winkel Bouwpakketprijs € 79.50

Rose Cottage Bouwpakket € 85,-

Ann's Shop Artikel Nr.: EM8362 EUR 129.00

shop Artikel Nr.: HM8006


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