Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let’s say you have a paper

may 6 2008


Let’s say you have a big paper and presentation due tonight for grad school. How long ago, or when would you have started on it?

Well, I always started in time.

One of the tricks I've always used was making the subject the most desirable subject on the world.
When I'm interested in a subject, I can remember almost everything about it.

Especially when a presentation needed to be given, I've always liked to know as much about the subject as possible.

Writing the paper is something else.

I hate deadlines.

A subject mellows in my head, takes form, gets a life, and when it's ready I'll write.
A few friends who have a job at a paper envy me, because I write an article and even a whole book just once.
I correct the typing errors and that's it.

I used to write my papers for school and university the same way.

My teachers and professors would be furious hearing that I didn't write anything down for a presentation.
Now even a few keywords on a little paper.

I guess that's why I became one of the youngest lecturers at the university then.

Ofcourse I taught my children the normal way of preparation, outlines, detailes, corrections and the whole lot.

But don't ask me to do that too. LOL!



  1. I don't really go back and do rewrites either. Usually the first thing I put down just fits.

    I'm horrible at remembering things though, I'd definitely a person who has to have the speech in front of me.

  2. That's wonderful to be able to remember that well. I did this at That's My Answer.


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