Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A long list and coffee

may 21 2008

Pfff...finally a moment to drink some coffee and have a few minutes of quiet time.
This week I don't need fat burners, because there's far more to do than one person can.

The appointment I had for my son with PDD-NOS will be taken over by his dad.
Because the busses are on strike, I have to go by train and walk long distances.
Other places can be reached by bycicle, but as I have another period of pain again I have to take painkillers to do what needs to be done.

Well, most things work out fine that way.

On the table there's a long list, and when something is done we'll put a thick fat line through it.
It's the first time I find a list helpfull.

Usually it's just in my head and when things are done I forget them rightaway.
On the list we all can see what is accomplished.
It's more positive that way.

Do you know that coffee tastes better when you have been far too bussy? LOL!




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