Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's link and drop like unique individuals

may 7 2008

The What-DOESN'T-Work-For-Me edition

Recently I joined entrecard. It's a system that gives me the opportunity to visit sites and let know I'm there.
In return I get a visit back and points which allow me to buy a bit of advertising space on a blog or even some special presents, like design, a recipe.

There are more visitor-exchange systems that work almost the same.

I've also joined some sponsored blogging sites, including the newest one I recently blogged about.
The new system registers how people reach the blogs. Entrecard and some other systems are monitored.
So I assume they're looking for unique visitors.

Those link exchange and dropping systems don't work for me, and in the end they don't work for you.

My guess is that it's important to create a linkexchange/dropping system that isn't monitored by the big guys.

When you want to participate, just let me know.

I'm thinking about a good system which takes just a little time, but gives you unique visitors. Those that really count.
Those that are really interested.

So I want only personal sponsored blogging blogs, no blogs that overflow with advertisements and have no interesting content.

Give me a comment and tell me (where I can find) your emailaddress, so I can mail you the details.

Let's make a good working team!

Because the excisting systems won't work for us in the end.


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