Saturday, May 17, 2008


may 17 2008

Saturday Six

1. At what age did you move out of your parents’ home (or at what age do you plan to do so)?

Pfff, that was about.. eh... 21.
We lived about near the university, but nevertheless I managed to find a room and move there.
Moved back 3 months before marrying. (Never again when I have to repeat my life!!!)

2. What, in your book, makes someone truly independent?

An independent mind.

3. If you had to live for a full year on a deserted island without any other company at all, do you think you would be able to do it?

Oh yes!!
Finally I could sing and dance the way I want, without disturbing anything but the wildlife.
I'm sure the next night I would be eaten alive as those animals never would let me act that way another day. LOL!

4. Take the quiz: How Independent Are You?

Your Independence Level: High

You are extremely self reliant and autonomous.

You are definitely into doing your own thing.

But you also wouldn't turn down help if you needed it.

You follow your own path, but you don't do so blindly.

5. When you have a major decision to make, on average, how many people do you talk to before making up your mind?

Not many.
Mainly money is limiting me. LOL!

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most important, how important would you rate the approval of those closest to you?

7, when you mean the children. They have to be happy.

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