Saturday, May 3, 2008

I took my son's meds

may 3 2008

It was early. Far too early for a saturday.

The girls were almost ready to go for a day at the swimmingpool.
Their father was supposed to accompany them... and he was not ready.

He forgot to tie one shoe, and his mind hopped from one thing to another.

So I had to lead them all out!
Tell the girls to take their bags, food, drink.
Did they have the bathingsuits? Towel?
Did dad tie his shoelace by now?

Etc etc.

Then my autistic son came down, telling me he needed his meds.

So I took one of his pills, gave one of the girls paper handkerchiefs, told one of the other boys his alarm was going off, and...did he tie his shoelaces?

In the kitchen someone was able to get her arm just ahead of me, grasping a bag of bread, I was asked what we were going to eat for dinner.

I grasped a mug, put water in it, got another question, saw that the shoelace still wasn't tied and swallowed the pill.

Two dark eyes stared at me.
"You took my pill."

They all went silent.

So I ordered the girls out,
told their father to go on behaving like an attention-hungry child and just drop face flat on the gardenpath over the untied shoe,
told the boy who relies on the alarm to warn ma to warn him that he'd better silence the thing and have a shower and calmly told my autistic son that mom's never do a thing like that and that it was a joke.

He got his pill and went upstairs.

I quickly looked up the interactions with others meds and found out the pill is bad for diabetics.
Great, I'm one.
I took notice of the other side-effects, which didn't occur in my system (yet), because I'm still alive.

It's more that 12 hours ago now.
My arm was hurting this morning and it still does.
I haven't become more social, the effect the pill has on my son.

The only effect the pill had is that I feel silly.......


  1. Hi Laane, I just wanted you to know that yes...I do check the Bloggers Over 50 daily and I will go add your blog to the list of members for the blog roll as soon as I click publish this comment.

    Welcome, and hope you can find some lasting online friendships by visiting others 'our own age'. There are some great bloggers out there---

    Also, wanted to tell you your blog layout and color choice is outstanding! Beautiful.

    Have a good weekend.

    [oh, and you may have to refresh your browser to see that you've been added]

  2. OMG - you must've been wiggin'. I'm hoping everything turned out okay?!


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