Tuesday, May 13, 2008


may 13 2008

I started out looking for dollshouses and ended dreaming away at a site with all sorts of dollhouse items.

Beacuse I have an MDF kit of a dollshouse, I first had a thourough look at the size of it.
My dolls and furniture are 1:12.
There was no scale at the kit of the house.
So I measured a door.

The doll was larger. Problem solved.

I need a dollshouse 1:12.

Extra alert I started to look around and found a lovely house with anex.
Perfect for my idea of a victorian house with a teaservice shop.
1:12 it said, bit the style looked like the house I have.
Measurements made it clear: it wasn't 1:12, but ptobably 1:24.

Now I can put my 1:12 dolls and furniture in boxes and start anew with 1:24, but I'm not seeing that happen at the moment, unless the big ship with money arrives.

So now I'm looking at tle lovely architecture of the Tuscany houses.
Maybe I have to design a house myself.
But who can help me with the MDF?

Life can be so easy when you don't have a hobby. LOL!

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  1. Hi Laane --
    First off -- you won the strawberry pin in my MommyFest Blog Giveaway. I emailed you for your address.

    Second of all -- I don't know if you saw my dollhouse pages under crafts on the sidebar. I have one on cabinet dollhouses so you should check that out.

    MDF is a particle board that you get at the home improvement/DIY store. It can be cut with a jigsaw. Maybe your shop can cut the pieces for you, sometimes they do it for free or you pay a small price.


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