Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hirshi Ali again.... ***sigh***

may 29 2008

Hirshi Ali is one of those people who can be called an opportunist.

In fact she is the living and best example of what the words means.

She lied herself into our country. Used a false name. And later said she had to because people had wished her dead.

The woman is handsome. She has a beauty that immediately stops the ability of men to rationalise, to think properly.
She is small and makes a fragile impression, which calls forth, by those same men, a feeling that they have to protect her at any cost.
Her charming smile is, maybe unintentionally, rewarding.

She is one of those women who are good for the eye, and she's one of those women with an important part of her brain functioning at high level, so people think she's intelligent.

Because she seemed to be straightforward and was able to express herself verbally very well, she joined a political party and then she was asked to become part of another, almost dying, party. Like she, they went for a gain... alas!

Her feelings against the islam empower that part of her brain to work strategically so she can gain as large an audience as possible to spit her hatred.

She did.
Moving way beyond the borders of freedom of speech, insulting people right in the heart of their religion.

Generalisations do well in this time in this world. They're easy to listen to, and easy to agree with.
Especially the lazy of mind thought she was a fenomenon.

They forgot that not all people in the south of the country have incestuous relationships, just like not all muslim men treat their women like dirt and abuse them whenever they want.

Hirshi Ali is one of the people, like Geert Wilders and Theo van Gogh, who claim to be honest and true, and who don't care who they hurt, even not when they put a whole country in danger, as long as they are in the middle of the attention.

They have a strong mouth, but their shoulders aren't powerful enough to carry the consequences of their actions and verbal dirtspitting.

When people threatened her once, she immediately called for help and protection.
Like it was all planned and orchestrated.
She got a nice place to live and protection round the clock, and then complained it wasn't comfortable enough.

Well lady, never create your own fancy prison!

When her manipulation was found out and she was kicked out of the party, she quickly went to America. Damagecontrol!

People fell for her charm again.
They believed her. She blossomed...

No, we were not ready to pay again the tremendous costs of fulltime protection and housing. She left the country of her own free will, and she rubs against the law and the feelings of large groups in our society.
We don´t believe she´s in danger.
Who wants to kill one stupid lady who should be kept out of the media because she has nothing new to say?

And why should she have better protection as other people in - and outside!!! - the country?
She's not a member of the government anymore.
And on top of it all, the threats were not caused because she used to be a politician, but because she didn't stop venting her opinion like she was the only one in this world to speak the truth.

When you want to have your own cruisade, you have to care for your own protection.

Like always a quiet time was the warning she would enter the country again and ask protection again.

I hope the government and the judges keep in mind that the money this woman needs is more than we spend on our prime minister, and is much needed for people who should have real care for their whole being, not alone for their ego.


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