Monday, May 19, 2008

The highest fine for spamming

may 19 2008

The Dutch OPTA has fined two companies for spamming.
Both companies, represented in the Thuiswerkcentrale (Work at home centre), have to pay more than half a million Euro.

The Thuiswerlcentrale already was warned and urged to stop with sending emails offering work at home, but they went on and mailed at least another 4,5 million spammails.
In these mails people were offered a good job working at home. All they had to do was to call a special informationnumber.

The Thuiswerkcentrale was not aimed at getting people to work, but at keeping them on the phone for as long as possible, generating high callingcosts, which were a gain for the company.

They earned about 1.7 million euro's.

So all in all, they earned a lot, even after paying the fines.
I guess it's just waiting before they use this trick again, using another name and another number.


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