Monday, May 26, 2008

Grey and laundry

may 26 2008

Last week the sun woke me up and it felt like the day started without me.

Today it rains.
It's grey and dark.

The blossom has rained from the trees, and the dried leaves are on the gardenpath.
When I look outside it looks like autumn. Ugh!!!

It feels like it's evening and I've missed out of all the fun a day can bring.

Time for a cup of coffee... browsing some sites... answering some mails.

I should be hanging the laundry on the line.
But the lines under the extra roof are already full.

A complete load of white is waiting.

Time for my special laundry hanging technique.

One peg on one line and the other on the other line.
The laundry hangs like the wood in a railway.

The little things I dry inside the house.

Don't laugh. Next wednesday the temperatures will be rising to tropical height.

Can't save the laundry until then though....


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