Thursday, May 22, 2008

The graduation party is too far away

may 22 2008

The final exams are going well according to my son.
So let´s hope he can leave this ... school behind him soon.

Today we got a letter about the graduation party.

It´s in another town!!!

Turned out the persons organising it live nearby the location, so the school agreed it will be held there.

They did the same a few years ago and when I mailed the school about the terrible buss connections and the unsafe roads they agreed it was a mistake.

Well, the school isn´t very able to learn from it´s own mistakes, so here we go again.

They told me next time they would arrange a buss from school to the party.
I have to go through my mail to see if I´ve kept that mail.

It´ll be interesting to see their reaction.

At the moment, my son feels diappointed there´s no need to hire a smoking, and releaved too.
He doesn´t care much for those bullies who have made his and his brother´s schoolexperience a long way of trouble.

I feel sorry for him.


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