Saturday, May 31, 2008

a girl, a stool and applause please!

may 31 2008

This week one of the girls went with school to a special organisation that teaches children some basic skills about electricity, making furniture and such.

She came home with a little stool she made herself.

We were all stunned. None of us expected her to take woodwork as a subject there, and on top of that we didn't expect het to make such a little beauty.

Because the time was limited the little wooden stool needs some sanding, but that's it.

We've already used it for a bear to sit on, as a stand for a pot of flowers and as a place to put her dinner on.

In fact the thing is so handy that we want to have more of them.

Even though we have 4 boys, she is the one who makes it.

Applause for her please!


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