Monday, May 26, 2008

Fruity Drinks

may 25 2008

Theme for Scrumptious Sunday

~Fruity Drinks~

Oh, I've made so many in my life!
Especially when the children were young.

I wasn't troubled by allergies so much as now, so we shared the drinks we made.

Children love to help in the kitchen.
So often I found myself with 6 children around me, all begging for fruit to prepare.
So the little ones had to take the crowns from the strawberries,
others the stems from the cherries, older ones had to peel the bananas and the oldest one was allowed to slice the apples.

We just put the whole lot we had in the kitchen machine.
Took our turns when pressing the button and then the lovely smelling fruitjuice was poured into mugs or glasses.

Oh, the smell of it!
And the taste!

It was always different, and always the best!!

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  1. I've had a lot of Kool-Aid in my life. Do you have it there?

  2. I bet this was a lot of fun! YUM!

  3. I love that you share your memories with us at Scrumptious Sunday! Sounds like a lot of fun and sooooo delicious! I absolutely love fruit! Southern Fruit Tea at my place!


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