Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Former jobs

may 27 2008

Tell about your job (Or one you've had)

Hmmm... the hardest job is being a mom. But as it isn't paid (not in money), most people don't consider it a job.

It's ridiculous that our government wants mothers to get a job and then complain they're not available enough for schools and to watch the kids.

But eh...I was about to blog about a job I had.

But which one shall I blog about?
I've had so many jobs, that I can't even mention them all.

I've been a telephonist at the largest company of our country.
I was the youngest. In the evenings my dad came to collect me.

Or shall I blog about being a typist for that stubborn writer?

Or about being the youngest staffmember at the university?
Teaching methods and statistics to young people who were about the same age.
I loved the job.
But being the youngest member of staff I was almost the most vulnerable one.
They kicked me out when they had to safe money...
I would have kept my job if the other young member of staff wouldn't have been married and didn't have a child. His accident (the kid), was his luck.

If they'd ask me next minute I would be back within 5!

The most creative job I had was being a balletdancer.
I was paid for what I loved most.
I've enjoyed each and every bit of it.
Once in a while I still make a choreography.

Ballet was a true creative outlet.
It also gave a feeling of balance to my life.
Being a scientist was just a part of "me".
I still miss it every day.

Especially now I'm suffering the aftereffects: the back- and bone-aches
many former balletdancers have to deal with.

But in my mind and memory I still feel the same light, dancing, fairy object that worked hours of sweat to bring the public a view into a world of dreams.

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  1. You were a ballet dancer? How fascinating! You should post a picture of yourself sometime. :)

  2. It must have been wonderful to be able to work at something like ballet. Shame that all the things we love seem to be bad for us.

  3. You've had a variety of jobs... How cool that you were a ballet dancer, that would have been so fun. I bet you were great at it too..

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