Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final exams - history

may 22 2008

Another day of final exams.

We had quite some alarms set, and 4 people awake to get the man-wannabee in question to rise up...and shine!... early in the morning.

We managed to wake him up in time, to get him leave in time.

Today history is the subject. His least favorite.
WW1, WW2, Israel and some other historical areas I've completely forgotten.
Well, I'm way past my finals. LOL!

He has choosen for the fulltime study in economics, instead of the parttime.
I'm glad the strategy I've choosen worked well.
I took him to the school to be informed, gave my own information and told him to talk with some other people, weight pros and cons and make a decision.

He's the first one in the house who is doing his finals and I have to say it's true: moms are more nervous. LOL!


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