Thursday, May 22, 2008

The files

may 22 2008

Went to the school of the girls to have a thorough look through their files, before they are send to the new school.

Two girls, twins.

One of the two had about 5 pages of files generated over 6 years at that school.
The other had well filled maps. One for each year.

So it makes me feel there are things either missing, or removed.

Things have been happening in the past that haven't been... let's put it this way: a compliment for school.
They've made some huge errors which had a tremendous impact on our girl and our family life.
So I guess these files were removed before we were allowed to have a look.

The teacher who sat with us has been unkind all year.
She was dealing with personal problems and it was clear parents didn't fit in her daily schedule.
Now she was very nice and talkative, feeding my feelings of suspicion.

Maybe large parts of the files were too wet to be saves after the huge fire.
Point is, that my girls then had her classroom in the other part of the school... and the files were saved in that same building.

It's no use arguing about this, but it was well worth tackling the subject and making clear that mistakes the school has made in the past should by no means interfere with her future schoolcarreer. the way... we are still waiting for an apology from the people involved.
It's not a good feel to leave school without finishing and closing that matter...

While she was talking to me, and getting answers, I looked through the files, Pointed out some things.
I could see she thought she had my full attention.
Well, I can do two things at the same time.

So in the end I wrote some things down, and handed her the paper.
"I want these things removed from the files".
She said it was no problem.

"I see that none of the files is properly labeled. How can you be sure you're able to find them next year, when they're in the large archive?"
So I suggested she'd better ordersome labels and organise things properly.
It's also important because the schoolinspection stated in their report of last year that the archive was a mess. I told her that I knew for sure they would be back in september to check up on their instructions.
She looked amazed that I knew this, but I didn't say anything more about it and took my bag.

I'm not completely sure I have seen all the paperwork.
So I'll ask a friend to go there too with the same question and then we can compare our experiences.
School doesn't know we're friends.

Isn't it an ill way of dealing with things?

But hej, I want my girls to have a good start at the new school.


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