Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The files arrived, grrrr.....

may 6 2008

We asked the council to send us the files they have about my autistic son.

They arrived today.

I haven't read more than the first page.
It's a healthy decision, because my bloodpressure and everything else went over the roof.

In the past, when he was at basic school, we went to the council to talk about the fact that we expected problems at school.
We didn't know what school was able to care for his needs.

Basic school had been a very bad experience.
I was called to school for an emergency at least twice a month. Meaning they called me twice a week.

The schoolyear was a complete horrormovie, with a principal who thought he could calm children with laying his hands on their shoulders and looking them deep in the eyes.
Ha. Do that with autistic children and you'll get a panick attack.

They guy interpreted that as aggression...

Well, the representative of the council called him after she had spoken with us, and he told her that we painted a picture that wasn't right.

I can understand he wanted to protect himself and the name of the school, but that he would go as far as that!

So now we understood why we were treated so bad at the meetings of last week and the week before.
They just don't believe us.

Those schools protect themselves and they don't care for the individual pupil.

I have written a reaction to this file, but I'm not sure if I should bother to send it.
On the other hand...it's a legal document and it can be used against us might it come to a courtcase.


Letter wasn't send.
I don't think they'll believe my story against that of the principal of the school.
I also didn't want to add another stressful issue to my life.


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