Saturday, May 10, 2008

Feminists for Clinton or women for women?

may 10 2008

While Hillary Clinton is trying to invest even more money to lure people into voting for her, and feminists think that Hillary will realise all their dreams (or at least some of them), there are other matters that should catch the attention of these women.

Instead of thinking that women should vote for women, they should care more for people who really need assistance.

Do you know that each minute somewhere on the world a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth?
Isn't it a shame that the majority of those women, blindly claiming that America needs a female president, don't know that in Africa 1 in 22 delivering sisters of them die?

When all these women would start a fight to save these women, maybe they'll better the world in a far better way than that Clinton becomes president.


  1. I don't really support Clinton, but I do think a woman would make a good president because I believe they would have more empathy and would be able to communicate with the leaders of other countries better. Perhaps with a woman president (another one) she would be more willing to focus on the blight in Africa for example.

  2. Hi!

    I've seen women change on their way to the top, and I didn't like that change.

    I have lost my feeling that a woman does better because she is a woman.

    The way Clinton has outlined her way of dealing with international matters doesn't give me confidence.

    I think Clinton is too long in politics that she has become a karikature. I'm sorry to say that.


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