Thursday, May 8, 2008

a choice for a full time or part time study

May 8 2008

We had a good meeting yesterday morning.

I was almost too late for the appointment, because the busses were not going to town.
Just when I decided to take the train and phone that I would be too late, the buss came.

I had to run from the busstop, which was no fun, as this nice weather is bad for my asthma.

The building is very new, and extremely modern.
I felt like being in a science fiction environment. Very nice, untill we were near the classrooms.
Someone who doesn't know how distracting open windows are, decided that see through photos on the windows to the corridors and hallways were wonderful.

My son immediately said that this school is the worst environment for an ADHD'er.
There's nowhere a room which has four walls and gives the feel of focussing on your work.

The woman we met was very nice and kind. She complimented him with his decision, to apply for a job and go to school one day.
I was a bit more hesitant, because I knew he made this decision while walking to the meeting.

Interesting for me was that she told the school has had many problems with my son's present school, which is also the school of my autistic son. That says it all, doesn't it?

Well, I know now that I'll have a hard job lying in front of me: getting a positive evaluation of my son from his present school.

Well, the woman said that he'd better make a save choice. He'd better not confront himself with too many difficulties, considering the fact that he has ADHD and is dyslectic.

I can't quite agree.
It's easy to take it easy. And he sure will succeed.
But on the other hand: he has always taken matters very serious. Wasn't afraid of a struggle to get things done.

Working 4 days and going to school one day, means his education is limited to that one shop.
When he goes to the fulltime school course, he will have weeks in between where he works at all sorts of shops, and he'll be able to find out what he likes and doesn't like. He opens up his future far more.

After we spend more than an hour talking, we went to the informationcentre for some booklets.
The woman there had a talk with us too, and she said exactly what I thought.

So instead of applying for a place there, he has to make a choice.

In the evening we had a long talk.

When he goes for the easy route: 4 days work and one day school, he'll work 4 years for minimal wages. The shop can even force him to sign a contract that he stays for 5 years after he's graduated. But a pro is that his studies will be paid for.

When he goes for the other route, he's going to school all week, he has to apply for a grant to pay for his studies, but when he is successfull there's no need to pay it back.
He can work a day in the week at the shop, and when they want to up his wages, there's no problem.
Every so many weeks there are two weeks or more of practical work at all sorts of different shops, so his education is very broad.

When the choice was mine I'd choose for the last.

And you?


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  1. Part time study is better. is not it? By this you can continue both education and earn money. Thank you for your post!


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