Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cheese-roling, a traditional.

may 27 2008

Take a hill, a bunch of english people, and ofcourse: a cheese.

The rules are clear.
They were shortly after the romans left the country and they still are:
- role the cheese from the hill
- run,slide,glide,fall after it
- who reaches the cheese first is the winner.

In case you want to have this visualised.

Here is the (dutch) video of it all:

Thank you NOS for allowing to display the movie


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  1. I live in Gloucestershire, England and we go to watch this every year.
    It's fantastic fun and really funny to watch. The hill is so steep that many people can't get to the top and there is lots of accidents mainly sprains and broken arms and legs because it's so steep it's also dangerous.

    The government wanted to stop it happening because of health and safety rules even though it has taken place for hundreds of years. So many people complained and wanted it to carry on that the government backed down.


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