Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chaos at the railway station

may 21 2008

Prompts are:



She could hardly hear the announcement.
People around her created a chaos of noise in the heart of the underground city.
She was supposed to catch a train.
Away from this place, away from the center of a possible chemical attack.

So many people carrying bags and putting them on the ground, that she couldn't even see which one was left behind and which one would be picked up again.

The light reflected in the chrome of the handles of the stairs and doors.
What did the women say? Was her train delayed?

A new group of people were spit out by a train.
They pushed her aside and their bags touched her legs and ripped past her hips.
Slowly time left the present and she was only tossed in space, through space... untill her feet touched the grey dirt that underlined the wall.

Like a blind she had her hand touch the wall when she moved step by step to the end of the pavement, leaving the crowd behind.

It was much darker here.
The smells of muck and oil managed to make her feel a bit more herself again. Like they stopped at the boundaries of her body.

The edge of the platform revealed a depth that would free her from troubles.

All she had to do was make a choice.
Either she had to attach her eyes on the little light at the end of the tunnel and feel drawn to it, or focus on her last step...


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