Friday, May 2, 2008

Can you hear me yell and scream?

may 2 2008

I think that when you listen well you can hear me yell and scream.

It's vacation here.
That's a time of surprises here in the house, because each and everyone deals different with this time of year.

This is the time of national celebrations:
Queensday at april 30,
For some (not us) labout day at may 1,
for all rememberance day at may 4 and
freedom day at may 5.

Without any warning whatsoever the father of the children decided he wouldn't go to work for a week and a half. So he's on vacation here too.

Me oh my...5 with autism spectrum disorder are crowding the house!!!

So when I came back from the birthdayparty I fell straight into a difference of opinion between two of them.

People with autism spectrum disorder like routine and rules and regulations.
Vacation breaks with it all.
And on top of it, dad creates rules of his own, is not consequent, and can't deal with the fact that he himself is not working.

I was so happy to see a friend at that little party. For an hour I talked with a friend who flies on international flights as a stewardess. She's not often in the country, so I was delighted.

And when I came back... Ugh...
I tried to drop some entrecards.. the system fell silent.
Even the retailtherapy at ebay fell through.
I tried to bid on a victorian dollshouse item of an english pound, and I missed it by one dollarcent. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Well, I've laid out my rules for tomorrow, and I'm looking for my policecap. LOL!

I really long for a time to be ME.
Just ME!!

I sniffed at it this afternoon, and I want more.

BTW, the kid loved the tennis-set.
So not everything was bad today.


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