Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bycicle gone..

may 28 2008

The oldest used a special parkingplace for his bycicle.
When he came back his bike was gone.

He inquired by the warden and the guy told him the council removed his bycicle as wreckage.

What a nonsence!!!

I think they removed the bycicles to clean the area.
Or maybe my son misplaced his bycicle.

One way or another: again some extra work to be done.

This time by his father... he likes to deal with these matters more than I do.

When the bycicle doesn't show up soon, a new one has to be bought.
The busses are on strike here, and he can't go to school at all now.


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  1. Bummer on the bike. Town councils are a law unto themsleves.


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