Saturday, May 3, 2008

As a child I wanted to grow up to be...

may 3 2008

~Remembering Childhood~

1. As a child I loved to play...?:

in the woods near our house.
It was a completely different world as the world at home.
I could live in my imagination and in nature.
It was all I needed to be happy.

2. As a child I wanted to grow up to be...?:

A balletdancer - managed it.
a writer - did so.
a mother - yep, that worked out too
a world traveller - forget it..

3. As a child my favorite thing to eat was...?:

spinach, with eggs, and mashed potatoes.
carrots, with fish and potatoes.

4. As a child my favorite relative was...?:

My grandmother.

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  1. Our answers were similar! You accomplished so much in your life!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Small Reflections and leaving the link to your Saturday Special answers. Seems like we have some commonalities as regards ‘imaginary play’ as children.

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. I also enjoyed playing in the woods by our house. My brother, our cousins and I always felt like we were in the mighty jungle.

  4. Hi I really enjoyed your Saturday Special too. How awesome you did all but one of the things you wanted to be. Do you not like to travel or are you like me and can't afford it. *smiles* I took dance from the time I was 4 till after high school and even did some semi-pro. Ballet was my favorite, but my ankles were to weak to be strong enough for toe shoes. I do know that the gracefulness of the dance stays with you though thru the years.

  5. Lovely...
    I hope my children will be able to do things they enjoy. I have always love the forest and here where I am from there isnt much forest I can take them to
    We enjoyed our hours and hours of walking in the forest when we went back to Germany.
    I hope in 20years time I am able to write so many things I wanted and had done.. just like you
    Congrats on life!


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