Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are flip-flops sometimes too casual?

may 14 2008

Do you think that flip-flops are ever too casual to wear?

I'm a flip-flopper.
I have a pair at the doormat, so I can wear a pair outside without taking filth inside, and I have a pair for inside.
I even have some colours to go with my clothes.

When one gets too bad to wear, I save the other, because I might get a pair again in the near future.
At the end of the summerseason I buy a couple of pairs to get me through the winter.

But I do think flip-flops are too casual to wear to certain events.

When I wear make-up, I don't wear flip-flops.
It's an unwritten rule.

I climb mountains wearing them, but you won't see me attending a gala event wearing a pair. Not even when they're fancy or bling-bling.

And I never wear them to my diabetes doc, because he considers them a risk for wounds.
I don't agree.
I've never ever had feetproblems with flip-flops, but I've had many blisters wearing normal shoes.

So yes, I do think flip-flops are sometimes too casual to wear.

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  1. This is clearly the greatest piece of critical writing, possibly including the last 100 years of editorial journalism. Does Pullitzer know about you?


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