Saturday, May 31, 2008

Someone is going to talk to that woman

may 31 2008

I was so stressed yesterday by the letter of that council representative.

For those who ddon't know:
We can't find a place for my autistic son (15) to go to school.
By law, all children have to go to school.

In some towns the council representatives, who need to enforce that law and can bring people to court, are very kind and understanding. They even help parents to find a place, without burdening them at all.
We, however, are living in a town that is known for the strict and formal way they follow the rules and the law.
Nothing wrong with that...
unless there's no place.

In fact, it's officially known there that at least 40 young people can't go to school, because they need specialised autism support and they can't cope with social life at schools.

Still, we're hunted like loose wild.
And I refuse to run.

So yesterday we were bullied again by the representative, clerc or whatever you want to call that person. (Who wants a job like that? I guess they can't find something else.)

I was so stressed about it.

So I first mailed the information service of the Ministery of Education of what she wants us to do is legal?
(No, part of it isn't legal. I know thatm but I want it in writing from the Ministery itself.)
And if will be of any use?
(No, because the Ministery decides how many children can visit a school. And when the school has reached the limit they can't just say they'll take one, or forty, more.)

Then I started to rant that the women is not well educated, that she doesn't know the law, that she should help us, instead of fight us, nearly slicing my thumb off when slicing the carrots. LOL!

Then I wrote to the schooladvisor. He's a representative of the Ministery of education, helping people who can't find a school. Most of the time they succeed, here he doesn't. That says something, doesn't it?

I put the whole load in a few words in a mail, telling him that maybe those council representatives need to be informed properly about the law and the realities of life and politics, like moneystreams, quota and sorts.

His reply calmed me. Phew!

He's going to talk with the representative.
Going to call the school of the auti-classes again.

We can't do anything more.

opening of the concert season

May 31 2008

Today it's the opening of the open air concert season here in town.
Or to be precise... in one of the parcs at the border of the town.

And as we live quite near the area we're prepared.

Last year I was able to sit outside and listen to some of the better groups.

This year I don't know. It depends on the weather and the wind.

The open air concerts are well visited.
In fact this one was sold out early.

Because the busses are still on stike, people have to find their own way to get there.
When you love walking, it's an option. But it's not very desirable.

I heard from some people who wanted to buy a bus and use it all season to travel to the concerts.

Makes me feel it's hippytime again.

Right now I feel sorry for the people there.
It's raining a bit.

a girl, a stool and applause please!

may 31 2008

This week one of the girls went with school to a special organisation that teaches children some basic skills about electricity, making furniture and such.

She came home with a little stool she made herself.

We were all stunned. None of us expected her to take woodwork as a subject there, and on top of that we didn't expect het to make such a little beauty.

Because the time was limited the little wooden stool needs some sanding, but that's it.

We've already used it for a bear to sit on, as a stand for a pot of flowers and as a place to put her dinner on.

In fact the thing is so handy that we want to have more of them.

Even though we have 4 boys, she is the one who makes it.

Applause for her please!

Obesity as a cultural signal

may 31 2008

Had a long talk with a friend of mine about our idea that forcing people to lose weight isn't the solution to obesity.

It's interesting that in so many countries the numbers of obese people are climbing.

Especially in countries where people are working long hours many people are obese.
Not only those who actually work, but also those who have no work or work at home.

It's a kind of cultural signal, and according to us it can't be solved with courses in fatfree cooking, dietinstructions and fitnesscentra.

What do you think?

High school

may 31 2008


1. Can you sing the fight song?

What's that? Fight song? Schools here don't fight.

When you mean the schoolsong, yes, I remember them both. I've lost some words, but I remember the tunes perfectly.
Interesting was that at the school reunion, so after 25 years, I was the only one who remembered them both.

Because our girls school merged with the boys school the very old "boys" asked me on the stage to sing the schoolsong with them.
Oh, I loved it!!

2. Who was your favorite teacher?

In highschool. That's for young people between 12 and 18?

I adored the biology teacher of the first year. I've forgotten her name.
2 of my dutch teachers were very caring. They also helped me to find my way into self confidence and journalism.
And my french teacher was great! Even now we're old I still have a crunch for him.

3. What was your school mascot?

Can't remember we had one.

4. Did you go to the Prom?

Well, we didn't have proms here.
Just a party.
I went there because I organised it.
It felt awkward, because I had to take one of the exams again. So I felt I didn't belong there.

5. If you could go back, would you?

I have been back. Three of my children went to school there.
But it's different.
They've changed the building, and one of the schools isn't accessible anymore.

They were remarkable buildings, so have a lot of feelings in it. I'm susceptable for that. So I would love to visit them again now.

6. What do you remember most about graduation?

All the others of the group graduated, except for me.
And because I was in the organising committee I was there. Painful.

I graduated two months later.
People had forgotten about that.
The school even forgot to arrange a decent place to sit to sign my diploma.
So it was in a room, knees on the floor to get at least a good signature on the paper.

None there with flowers or anything.

Such a sad memory.

Maybe that's the reason I never feel I've really accomplished anything, because when I was supposed to have my moment of triumph at the university, I was called in half an hour early and when i came out none of the guests had arrived yet.

7. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?

What's that?

8. Did you have a job your senior year?

Yes, I was a telephonist at the largest telecom company of the country.
I also worked a lot as a volunteer.
Always bussy.

9. Where did you go most often for lunch?

No choice there.
We ate at school.
hedre in the country people don't lunch out as often as in america.
We take our lunches with us to school and work, and eat it there.

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The weather in may 2008

may 31 2008

May has been one of the warmest may's ever.

The normal average temperature is 12,7 degrees celcius.
This year it was 15,7.

We started out with 10 sunny dags, sunnier than ever.

But even though the rest of the month the temperatures were above average, we often had grey and dark days.
Yesterday we needed the lights on untill after noon!

It has rained a lot. Especially the last days.
The rains came from the Sahara, so everything now is covered in a fine layer of yellowish dust.
I thought it was pollen yesterday. But it's saharasand. Ugh.

In many parts of europe people have te deal with heavy weather. Rains and flooding.
It's awful.

Strangely enough we had some freezing night in the middle of the month, but I expect they're over now and I can put all the plants outside.

With such a nice month it's always a question here whether we've used all the nice weather which was waiting for us this year, whether all summer will be nice, or whether we'll have to deal with a dull summer with lots of drizzle.

We just have to wait.


It's just past midnight.
Couldn't be online because of the terrible weather.
It's still raining enormously and the lightning hasn't stopped.

There are many weather alarms here in europe, and here too.

I don't do it often, but during the bad weather this evening I got the girls downstairs. Just in case.

So may ends in a very powerful way.


My dreamhouse and garden

may 31 2008

~Designer's Choice~

1. My home would be in the style of?

When I would be a designer I would use one of those wooden houses people can partialy make themselves.

I would use light-reddish wood, which colours through time to a warm golden brown, so you can measure your own age against the house.

Large windows, overviewing a wide panorama with mountains in the background, and between them a small stripe of horizon, enough to see the sun set.

I would use the same colour of wood in the furniture. Not too much.
Added deep brown coloured elements.

Curtains and main areas of colour would be blue. Depending on my mood I would use a medium blue. But it might even be matching the air of a bright sunny day.

To add a bit of spoof: a bit of red and yellow here and there. The yellow especially near the dark brown and darker blue.

No open kitchen, but one with windows to the dinnerroom or -area, and large enough to contain a large table, so the kitchen might be dinnerroom too.

The sleepingrooms would be rather small: a bed, space to move, a wardrobe and a place to throw the clothes.
But each speelingroom would have an annex with a nice spot to sit down and work at the computer or work, or be bussy with a hobby. Lots of shelves and a nice view outside.

Need I go on?

2. My kind of furniture style is?

Haha..I have no style. We still use what's childresistant. (and I hate it)

I don't know anything about furniture styles, but I don't like robust furniture.
Maybe in a large house, but not here.

Light wood will be OK in my dreamhouse. And one of a kind.

3. My floors would be covered with?

Wood. Warm real wood.

Roght now I'm in desperate need of a new floor here. Woodgrain vinyl. We had tiles and I love to have tiles again, but I can't find them.
Making regular vinyl into tiles is an option, but it's too expensive.

We need a vinyl floor because of the asthma (3 of us) and the mess the kids make at times.

4. My landscaping would look like?

Natural. Lots of flowers. Smells.
At my dreamhouse I would have a very large parc-ish garden.
With a winding path that leads to surprising views.
And a secret garden..... let me have a secret garden.
To hide, to dream, to stay forever.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

An offending letter from the council representative

may 30 2008

I don't like authorities breathing in my neck.

Maybe I'm too much a child from the time I could put my bycicle against the wall near the shop and still find it at the same place after shopping.
Maybe I'm too much from the time that people could choose everything without being aware that they were choosing.

That utter freedom of drawing a path through life and walking it, enjoying the scenery, the feelings.

When I was young I wasn't aware of all those written and unwritten laws, rules and regulations.
I don't think they were invented with the rate I see them mentioned in the papers nowadays.

I still want other people to trust me, and it's very shocking that so many people don't belief others are good.

I can't handle the feeling that others approach me like I'm breaking the law.

The representative of the council wrote me a letter.
Well, first of all I'm not the only parent of my autistic son, and the letter was addressed to me alone.

Second: she's controling me.
I can understand that, but she thinks that a new submission to the aut-class and a new letter stating that they have no place, means we can force the school to take him.

Perhaps she's too young and unexperienced to understand how it works.
When there's no place there's no place.
At the school the kids are supported in so many ways that one teacher can take only so much workload.

Putting pressure on me just makes me feel even more helpless toward the whole system.
Threatening me to bring me to court (not the father, me) makes me so angry.
I have done everything to find a place for my autistic son, but there is no school admitting him.

The other part of the letter was equally offending.
I mentioned I would try to change things in town regarding the availability of places at schools. So I made an appointment with one of the members of the council.

It's not something she has to supervice or to control, but she wants me to report.

No way.

I'll try to motivate the council to change matters in this town. Let them inform her.

Life is stressful enough.
I don't need this woman adding to it.


No X-rays

may 30 2008

Today I went with one of the girls to the orthodontist.

A few months ago, at the dentist, x-rays were made and the orthodontist wanted to make new ones.

Already last week my daughter told the secretary that good x-rays were available, but the woman said they needed to be repeated.


I can understand that he wants to make a new mold, as some of the teeth have grown in the meantime... but the same x-rays?

So I asked him why.

"We always make our own."

"I'm sure you're not going to tell me that yours are better, because his instruments are from a later date. Same factory."

He looked up and smiled.

"I'm old-fashioned. No x-ray unless it's absolutely necessary.
As far as I know the adagio still holds.
At least it did in 1998." (The year he finished his studies).

We both laughed.

He went, called the dentist, and came back.

"No X-rays for now."

So my girl had the martyrequipment in her mouth to get the molds, had some normal photos taken from her teeth, and we said our goodbye with a smile.

Because it wasn't realistic to go to school anymore, we went shopping and found some jibbitz for our fake crocks.
Crocks are a kind of plastic shoe. Very comfortable.
The real brand ones are very expensive, but the fake ones are between 2 and 10 dollars.
Jibbitz are a kind of plastic jewelry. They look like the pillowbuttons we had when I was young.
You put it in a hole of the shoe for decoration.

Here is one.

They were prized wrong, so we asked the manager.
He insisted the prize was right. Well.. they make a nice gift. So we took some home.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Martin Luther King Award for Job Cohen

may 29 2008

The Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen was honored with the first non-american Martin Luther King Award.
It was the first time the organisation called DutchVersity presented this award in The Netherlands.
Plans are to make this award an annual tradition, like the american counterpart.

Isaac Newton Farris, the nephew of the famous and much respected Martin Luther King and chairman of the American "The King Center" came to this special event in The Netherlands to personally honor Mr. Cohen for the way he realised Martin Luther King's dream of justice, equality and peace.
The way Mr. Cohen carries out the mission of Martin Luther King should have our deepest respect. He's been able to create equality and acceptance between people and he's been able to create understanding between different groups of the population.

The last Years Mayor Cohen has been awarded for the way he's been dealing with diversity.
The Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, granted hin an honorary degree as did the University of Windsor, Canada. He became honorary Doctor of Common Laws degree at the Law Convocation on Friday, June 15, 2007.

mail on the mat

may 29 2008

Do you have a mailbox? Or a letterbox?

We don't have a mailbox outside our house.
Not many people here have.

There's a nice slot in our door and the mail falls on the doormat.
Not always though.

When a parcel arrives or an envelope that might be crushed on his way from the hand of the postman to the doormat, the postman rings the front doorbell and hands me the mail with a smile.

Most of the time we have some smalltalk.
We both enjoy stopping our daily activities and enjoy a short break.
Not long enough to invite him for coffee.
But we go our way with a smile...
until next time.


Hirshi Ali again.... ***sigh***

may 29 2008

Hirshi Ali is one of those people who can be called an opportunist.

In fact she is the living and best example of what the words means.

She lied herself into our country. Used a false name. And later said she had to because people had wished her dead.

The woman is handsome. She has a beauty that immediately stops the ability of men to rationalise, to think properly.
She is small and makes a fragile impression, which calls forth, by those same men, a feeling that they have to protect her at any cost.
Her charming smile is, maybe unintentionally, rewarding.

She is one of those women who are good for the eye, and she's one of those women with an important part of her brain functioning at high level, so people think she's intelligent.

Because she seemed to be straightforward and was able to express herself verbally very well, she joined a political party and then she was asked to become part of another, almost dying, party. Like she, they went for a gain... alas!

Her feelings against the islam empower that part of her brain to work strategically so she can gain as large an audience as possible to spit her hatred.

She did.
Moving way beyond the borders of freedom of speech, insulting people right in the heart of their religion.

Generalisations do well in this time in this world. They're easy to listen to, and easy to agree with.
Especially the lazy of mind thought she was a fenomenon.

They forgot that not all people in the south of the country have incestuous relationships, just like not all muslim men treat their women like dirt and abuse them whenever they want.

Hirshi Ali is one of the people, like Geert Wilders and Theo van Gogh, who claim to be honest and true, and who don't care who they hurt, even not when they put a whole country in danger, as long as they are in the middle of the attention.

They have a strong mouth, but their shoulders aren't powerful enough to carry the consequences of their actions and verbal dirtspitting.

When people threatened her once, she immediately called for help and protection.
Like it was all planned and orchestrated.
She got a nice place to live and protection round the clock, and then complained it wasn't comfortable enough.

Well lady, never create your own fancy prison!

When her manipulation was found out and she was kicked out of the party, she quickly went to America. Damagecontrol!

People fell for her charm again.
They believed her. She blossomed...

No, we were not ready to pay again the tremendous costs of fulltime protection and housing. She left the country of her own free will, and she rubs against the law and the feelings of large groups in our society.
We don´t believe she´s in danger.
Who wants to kill one stupid lady who should be kept out of the media because she has nothing new to say?

And why should she have better protection as other people in - and outside!!! - the country?
She's not a member of the government anymore.
And on top of it all, the threats were not caused because she used to be a politician, but because she didn't stop venting her opinion like she was the only one in this world to speak the truth.

When you want to have your own cruisade, you have to care for your own protection.

Like always a quiet time was the warning she would enter the country again and ask protection again.

I hope the government and the judges keep in mind that the money this woman needs is more than we spend on our prime minister, and is much needed for people who should have real care for their whole being, not alone for their ego.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bycicle gone..

may 28 2008

The oldest used a special parkingplace for his bycicle.
When he came back his bike was gone.

He inquired by the warden and the guy told him the council removed his bycicle as wreckage.

What a nonsence!!!

I think they removed the bycicles to clean the area.
Or maybe my son misplaced his bycicle.

One way or another: again some extra work to be done.

This time by his father... he likes to deal with these matters more than I do.

When the bycicle doesn't show up soon, a new one has to be bought.
The busses are on strike here, and he can't go to school at all now.


Tip: no smells of union and garlick on your hands

may 28 2008

I love cooking with union and garlick, but the smell sticks on the hands, and attending a meeting with smelly hands isn't what I like.

So I use a tip my gram gave me, and I'm going to give it to you.

When you're ready, take the cold thick coffeejunk out of the pot and rub it over your hands.
Well, I don't make coffee the old way, so I'll open an old coffeepad and wash my hands with the ground coffee.
Ofcourse clean water makes them usable and presentable again. LOL!

It works for me.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Former jobs

may 27 2008

Tell about your job (Or one you've had)

Hmmm... the hardest job is being a mom. But as it isn't paid (not in money), most people don't consider it a job.

It's ridiculous that our government wants mothers to get a job and then complain they're not available enough for schools and to watch the kids.

But eh...I was about to blog about a job I had.

But which one shall I blog about?
I've had so many jobs, that I can't even mention them all.

I've been a telephonist at the largest company of our country.
I was the youngest. In the evenings my dad came to collect me.

Or shall I blog about being a typist for that stubborn writer?

Or about being the youngest staffmember at the university?
Teaching methods and statistics to young people who were about the same age.
I loved the job.
But being the youngest member of staff I was almost the most vulnerable one.
They kicked me out when they had to safe money...
I would have kept my job if the other young member of staff wouldn't have been married and didn't have a child. His accident (the kid), was his luck.

If they'd ask me next minute I would be back within 5!

The most creative job I had was being a balletdancer.
I was paid for what I loved most.
I've enjoyed each and every bit of it.
Once in a while I still make a choreography.

Ballet was a true creative outlet.
It also gave a feeling of balance to my life.
Being a scientist was just a part of "me".
I still miss it every day.

Especially now I'm suffering the aftereffects: the back- and bone-aches
many former balletdancers have to deal with.

But in my mind and memory I still feel the same light, dancing, fairy object that worked hours of sweat to bring the public a view into a world of dreams.

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Cheese-roling, a traditional.

may 27 2008

Take a hill, a bunch of english people, and ofcourse: a cheese.

The rules are clear.
They were shortly after the romans left the country and they still are:
- role the cheese from the hill
- run,slide,glide,fall after it
- who reaches the cheese first is the winner.

In case you want to have this visualised.

Here is the (dutch) video of it all:

Thank you NOS for allowing to display the movie


Sydney Pollack has died

may 27 2008

Sidney Pollack has died yesterday afternoon at his own home.
He was surrounded by family, who stood by his side the last nine months of his life, the time after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Sidney Pollack was both director and actor, a combination which enabled him to inspire great stars to unknown performances.

I was confronted with his work in 1970, when we went with a group of people to see "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?", a powerful movie. We discussed it in length and when I saw it a few years later and again much later it contained each time items I didn't observe before.
Well, he received 9 oscars for the movie, so it wasn't as bad as some of my fellow students told me.

Since 1970 he was one of my favorite directors.

Tootsie brought him a nomination for the best director again.

The movie that is close to my heart however is and will be "Out of Africa".
It respresents my feelings so much... I have no word for it.
The movie received 7 Oscars, ehich was not bad in a year with so much wonderful movies and powerful actors.

I'm not going to mention all the movies he made, mainstream and not, nor am I going to mention all those famous actors he worked with.
I'm sure the media are perfectly able to bring that on the screens and in the papers.

To me, he was a special, amiable man, who often moved me.
He was one of the most talented and gifted persons of our time.

73 years he was with us.

May he rest in peace.

Monday, May 26, 2008

waiting and remodelling

may 26 2008

Do good things come to those who wait?

It's said so, but I've never experienced it.
I've been sitting on my bench waiting for the gold to arrive. Nothing happened.
I've been sitting in front of my computer, waiting for some marvellous opportuity to arrive. Nothing happened.

So to my opinion you have to work very hard to realise your dreams, because the wind won't do the world for you.

Your best friend's spouse is being unfaithful. Would you tell your friend? If so, how?

I would go to him and the woman he's unfaithful with and jump in at exactly the most interesting moment.

Then I would ask them both if it's worth ruining a family life.

Which part of your body do you like the least? Would you change it through plastic surgery, if possible?

Only one part?
That's not enough now gravity has taken over my life.

I guess there's no cosmetic surgeon who would burn his fingers on remodelling me.
But please, please...have a go!
And pay it yourself for having the fun.

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Forgotten young people and sports

may 26 2008

For young people between 12 and 18 the local council organises sportevents.
They want more young people to enjoy teamsports and they want them to become a member of a club.

Nice idea.

But again the young people who need sportive events most are forgotten.
Physically handicapped, obese, autistic, and all the other young ones who need a bit of extra suppport or special arrangements.

So it was time for a letter again.

Ofcourse it'll take ages before I get an answer.
By that time the whole program has ended.

.... Isn't that a perfect time to start something special, LOL!!

searching for Glencroft dollhouse kit

Sticky post

I'm looking for a lovely cottage dollhouse as a gift for the girls when they leave school.

It's called Glencroft. it's made my Greenleaf, and it's absolutely adorable.

It's not available in my country.
Ordering it from the factory means full prize and more mailingcosts than the dollhouse costs.

I've found out that it's available at Overstock.
It's $69.99, which is a lot less.
But they won't ship to The Netherlands.

I found one on the famous -bay shopping site, but the guy rips people off on the shippingscosts.

Is there someone able to help me out?


announcement: 2008 ABAI Education Conference

may 26 2008

2008 ABAI Education Conference

Evidence-Based Practice, Scientifically- Based Instruction, and Educational Effectiveness.

Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7, 2008
at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia near Washington, D.C.

More information: ::here::.

saving accounts

may 26 2008

Monday again.
Time flies.

As it's the last monday of the month there's not only a lot to tidy and clean after the weekend, but also some administration that needs to be done.

I go through all the papers and leaflets the kids got from school, so to make sure those that need to are handed in in time.
Let's say it also cleans up the piles, because we get so many messages that are completely useless.

Then I update all the saving accounts
Each child has one and each month they get 10 euro in it.
It's not much, but as we don't have much it's OK.
They can't take the money from the account before they're 18, and even then we keep the account away from them.
Some children don't know we've been saving for them from the day they were born.

I hope they use it well when times get rough.

Grey and laundry

may 26 2008

Last week the sun woke me up and it felt like the day started without me.

Today it rains.
It's grey and dark.

The blossom has rained from the trees, and the dried leaves are on the gardenpath.
When I look outside it looks like autumn. Ugh!!!

It feels like it's evening and I've missed out of all the fun a day can bring.

Time for a cup of coffee... browsing some sites... answering some mails.

I should be hanging the laundry on the line.
But the lines under the extra roof are already full.

A complete load of white is waiting.

Time for my special laundry hanging technique.

One peg on one line and the other on the other line.
The laundry hangs like the wood in a railway.

The little things I dry inside the house.

Don't laugh. Next wednesday the temperatures will be rising to tropical height.

Can't save the laundry until then though....

Fruity Drinks

may 25 2008

Theme for Scrumptious Sunday

~Fruity Drinks~

Oh, I've made so many in my life!
Especially when the children were young.

I wasn't troubled by allergies so much as now, so we shared the drinks we made.

Children love to help in the kitchen.
So often I found myself with 6 children around me, all begging for fruit to prepare.
So the little ones had to take the crowns from the strawberries,
others the stems from the cherries, older ones had to peel the bananas and the oldest one was allowed to slice the apples.

We just put the whole lot we had in the kitchen machine.
Took our turns when pressing the button and then the lovely smelling fruitjuice was poured into mugs or glasses.

Oh, the smell of it!
And the taste!

It was always different, and always the best!!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

airplane broken in two

may 25 2008

In Belgium, at the airport of Zaventem an Americal Boeing 747 Jumbo crashed.

The airplane was trying to take off on a flight to Bahrein, but instead broke in two.
Some people heard a strange noise, often associated with a flat tyre, just before the plane from Kalitta Air broke off the manoevres to ascend.

There are no deaths or casualties, but the crew is taken to hospital. It's assumed they are in shock.

In 1994 a plane of the same type and from the same airline lost a motor above lake Michigan. The pilots were able to land safely.

photo taken from TV


unconscious mutterings

may 25 2008

  1. Referral :: recommendation

  2. Indiana :: University

  3. Foil :: kitchen, household foil

  4. Horizon :: dream beyond

  5. Event :: happening

  6. Sailing :: ocean and waves

  7. Footage :: square footage

  8. Sunday :: no school

  9. Breathtaking :: rainbow

  10. Dude! :: a weird one

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunny saturday!!!

May 24 2008

Ah... waking up with the sun in my face.

It's still silent in the house and I can hear the birds playing around in the trees.
A swift smell of honeysuckle reached my nose. Hmmm...

Wish I could wake up each day like this.

No alarm, no kinds, no noises of the shower and falling soap.

These moments are so precious that I try to keep them with me all day.

Not even a complete hour later a miniwar is going on in the boys room.
Never put an autistic boy in one space with an ADHD'er.
They have opposite needs, and they disturb each other a full 100%.

By the time I have a coffee, everyone is awake, enjoying breakfast.
They haven't seent through my family-peace-bringing strategy yet, so I'm using it once again.
I moan about the laundry, that no one ever lends a hand, that I'm always tired and that maybe it's time we take steps to move them out, as they only use us for food, drinks, cleaning and sleep. Hej...isn't that what babies do too?
Because they don't want to hear the rest, they eat like they've never eaten before and take the decisions they should have taken in the first place.

Now one is upstairs and one is downstairs.

Isn't it a pity that the new neighbours have choosen to start early with drilling?
I hear them walking and talking in the emtpy still resounding house.
Soon they'll be ready to bring the furniture in and hang the curtains.
That'll be much quieter.

When I go upstairs to have a look, my autistic boy has fallen sleep again.
None likes his morningmoods.

One of teh girls drops the soap while taking a shower.

Looks like a normal morning again...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The graduation party is too far away

may 22 2008

The final exams are going well according to my son.
So let´s hope he can leave this ... school behind him soon.

Today we got a letter about the graduation party.

It´s in another town!!!

Turned out the persons organising it live nearby the location, so the school agreed it will be held there.

They did the same a few years ago and when I mailed the school about the terrible buss connections and the unsafe roads they agreed it was a mistake.

Well, the school isn´t very able to learn from it´s own mistakes, so here we go again.

They told me next time they would arrange a buss from school to the party.
I have to go through my mail to see if I´ve kept that mail.

It´ll be interesting to see their reaction.

At the moment, my son feels diappointed there´s no need to hire a smoking, and releaved too.
He doesn´t care much for those bullies who have made his and his brother´s schoolexperience a long way of trouble.

I feel sorry for him.


may 22 2008

This morning I woke up with itching eyes.
So I warned those who need allergy medication, and forgot all about it. (Only after the meds kicked in, the itching was tolerable and life took over as a focus of attention.)

We kept the door closed as much as possible.

Then the father of the kids came home.

He doesn't believe in allergies, but I've seen some very interesting signs the last week.
He thinks he has a cold forever... we have a different opinion.

He was inside for quite a long time. Going through papers to find a certain one. Which was among the last of the pile. LOL!

Then he went outside and came in sneezing 11 times.

Has coffee, watched the news, talked with the kids... and went outside again.

Sneezed 15 times!!!!

"I think that maybe I'm dealing with a little bit of allergy", he said with tears in his eyes.

"Yes, so do we.. and adding all our opinions up, you're just as allergic as we are.", one of the girls said! LOL!


Free online trials at Sage Journals

may 22 2008

I just discovered something which might be of interest to you.

To celebrate winning an award Sage Journals offers Free Online Trial to all SAGE Journals until May 31, 2008.

You can go ::here:: to read more about this.


may 22 2008

The Dutch Government had decided that recordings of phonecalls, sms' and emails need to be kept for a year, and not longer.

The European rules state that data should be kept between 6 months and 2 years, so The Netherlands complies to the rules.

The recordings are kept in a safe place in order to enable the police to solve crimes.

As always there was much dispute about privacy.
How much should normal people expose their data so criminals can be found?

another forgotten appointment

may 22 2008

Dealing with autism is a day to day challenge.

Today we were waiting for the oldest to come and do something with the computer of his autistic brother.
He was expected before dinner and said he wanted to eat with us.


We were all very enthousiastic, so we made a nice dinner, with tomato soup and a lot more.

But he didn't turn up.

His ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) must have taken over, because when he was called he didn't even realise why, untill he was told.

In the meantime I was trying to keep my autistic son calm.
Which was quite a job.
He was telling he was forgotten, his brother didn't care and the whole lot.

There are days I feel like an intepreter, trying to make people with strange languages understand each other...and failing.

The files

may 22 2008

Went to the school of the girls to have a thorough look through their files, before they are send to the new school.

Two girls, twins.

One of the two had about 5 pages of files generated over 6 years at that school.
The other had well filled maps. One for each year.

So it makes me feel there are things either missing, or removed.

Things have been happening in the past that haven't been... let's put it this way: a compliment for school.
They've made some huge errors which had a tremendous impact on our girl and our family life.
So I guess these files were removed before we were allowed to have a look.

The teacher who sat with us has been unkind all year.
She was dealing with personal problems and it was clear parents didn't fit in her daily schedule.
Now she was very nice and talkative, feeding my feelings of suspicion.

Maybe large parts of the files were too wet to be saves after the huge fire.
Point is, that my girls then had her classroom in the other part of the school... and the files were saved in that same building.

It's no use arguing about this, but it was well worth tackling the subject and making clear that mistakes the school has made in the past should by no means interfere with her future schoolcarreer. the way... we are still waiting for an apology from the people involved.
It's not a good feel to leave school without finishing and closing that matter...

While she was talking to me, and getting answers, I looked through the files, Pointed out some things.
I could see she thought she had my full attention.
Well, I can do two things at the same time.

So in the end I wrote some things down, and handed her the paper.
"I want these things removed from the files".
She said it was no problem.

"I see that none of the files is properly labeled. How can you be sure you're able to find them next year, when they're in the large archive?"
So I suggested she'd better ordersome labels and organise things properly.
It's also important because the schoolinspection stated in their report of last year that the archive was a mess. I told her that I knew for sure they would be back in september to check up on their instructions.
She looked amazed that I knew this, but I didn't say anything more about it and took my bag.

I'm not completely sure I have seen all the paperwork.
So I'll ask a friend to go there too with the same question and then we can compare our experiences.
School doesn't know we're friends.

Isn't it an ill way of dealing with things?

But hej, I want my girls to have a good start at the new school.

Final exams - history

may 22 2008

Another day of final exams.

We had quite some alarms set, and 4 people awake to get the man-wannabee in question to rise up...and shine!... early in the morning.

We managed to wake him up in time, to get him leave in time.

Today history is the subject. His least favorite.
WW1, WW2, Israel and some other historical areas I've completely forgotten.
Well, I'm way past my finals. LOL!

He has choosen for the fulltime study in economics, instead of the parttime.
I'm glad the strategy I've choosen worked well.
I took him to the school to be informed, gave my own information and told him to talk with some other people, weight pros and cons and make a decision.

He's the first one in the house who is doing his finals and I have to say it's true: moms are more nervous. LOL!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chaos at the railway station

may 21 2008

Prompts are:



She could hardly hear the announcement.
People around her created a chaos of noise in the heart of the underground city.
She was supposed to catch a train.
Away from this place, away from the center of a possible chemical attack.

So many people carrying bags and putting them on the ground, that she couldn't even see which one was left behind and which one would be picked up again.

The light reflected in the chrome of the handles of the stairs and doors.
What did the women say? Was her train delayed?

A new group of people were spit out by a train.
They pushed her aside and their bags touched her legs and ripped past her hips.
Slowly time left the present and she was only tossed in space, through space... untill her feet touched the grey dirt that underlined the wall.

Like a blind she had her hand touch the wall when she moved step by step to the end of the pavement, leaving the crowd behind.

It was much darker here.
The smells of muck and oil managed to make her feel a bit more herself again. Like they stopped at the boundaries of her body.

The edge of the platform revealed a depth that would free her from troubles.

All she had to do was make a choice.
Either she had to attach her eyes on the little light at the end of the tunnel and feel drawn to it, or focus on her last step...


may 21 2008

HEADS *OR* TAILS - Peace *OR* Piece



So I'm writing about peace.

Well, I think people are far too focussed on the lack of peace.

Peace is something that lived within each and every person on this earth, and the way we deal with this at the moment doesn't enable people to get in contact with that feeling.

I can't understand that whole cultures and societies have no respect for young life and send their best people into war.
No respect for the precious lives of their own people, no respect for the lives of other people.

Want to have war?
Start one.
And let pride be your guide.


I'm one of those people who believe that we should bring our children up with respect for other people, other cultures and a full, utter respect for peace.

Only when we respect that strong inner feeling we can respect ourselves and the relationships between us and other people and between us and other countries.

We can't change the world in one day, but we can be the flame to keep the belief in a peaceful world burning.

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A long list and coffee

may 21 2008

Pfff...finally a moment to drink some coffee and have a few minutes of quiet time.
This week I don't need fat burners, because there's far more to do than one person can.

The appointment I had for my son with PDD-NOS will be taken over by his dad.
Because the busses are on strike, I have to go by train and walk long distances.
Other places can be reached by bycicle, but as I have another period of pain again I have to take painkillers to do what needs to be done.

Well, most things work out fine that way.

On the table there's a long list, and when something is done we'll put a thick fat line through it.
It's the first time I find a list helpfull.

Usually it's just in my head and when things are done I forget them rightaway.
On the list we all can see what is accomplished.
It's more positive that way.

Do you know that coffee tastes better when you have been far too bussy? LOL!



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The dentist

may 20 2008

I don't know how the guy does it, but I went to the dentist and I came home all smiling.

Well, my mouth was a bit stiff at one side, and the smile looked like someone had attacked me and hit me well, but it felt like a real smile.

I arrived soaked wet!
It was raining constantly. One of those drizzles that go on endlessly for days, draining everything.

I was too early, so I sat down and wanted to take the time to dry my glasses... WRONG!!!

Already I was called in and had the assistant look in my mouth to the incomplete molar.
The filling fell out last week.

I expected to be send home with a card with the next appointment, but I was lucky.
Someone else didn´t show up, so the dentist repaired the molar, and we had a short conversation about one of the children.

All the way to home...through the drizzle...shivering in my wet coat.... I was smiling.

Escaping sounds good

may 20 2008

It's always fun to land on a travelling site with a certain destination to blog about and see an advertisement banner with a much desired destination on top. LOL!
I just love surprises like these, especially when my mind is preocupied by the final exams that started this monday.

At the beginning of the year I hoped to be a proud mother of two sons leaving school.
It was too much to hope for, and against all odds.
My autistic son dropped out.

Well, the other one has taken his first subject this morning.
I hope he did well.

He was nervous, couldn't sleep, and as he is dyslectic, a language to start with isn't the best.

Well, at least it's done now.

I haven't heard from him yet.

I guess he's enjoying the sun with others in the parc near school, not aware that I'm probably even more nervous than he is. LOL!

As a joke he asked me to find out some details about Las Vegas travel, and to enter the contest at the site, to win a Las Vegas escape.

Escaping...mmm... that sounds good!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The highest fine for spamming

may 19 2008

The Dutch OPTA has fined two companies for spamming.
Both companies, represented in the Thuiswerkcentrale (Work at home centre), have to pay more than half a million Euro.

The Thuiswerlcentrale already was warned and urged to stop with sending emails offering work at home, but they went on and mailed at least another 4,5 million spammails.
In these mails people were offered a good job working at home. All they had to do was to call a special informationnumber.

The Thuiswerkcentrale was not aimed at getting people to work, but at keeping them on the phone for as long as possible, generating high callingcosts, which were a gain for the company.

They earned about 1.7 million euro's.

So all in all, they earned a lot, even after paying the fines.
I guess it's just waiting before they use this trick again, using another name and another number.

About perfection - manic monday

may 19 2008

If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera is there anything you would change about your habits?

Yes. I'm sure, because I don't like being photographed, and I sure don't like being recorded by camera.

I would dress better, because I have the habit to wear comfortable clothes when I'm working at home.
I would put on my rather new (5 year old) glasses, instead of the very old ones I wear at home. I won't mind when they fall, drop in the water or get splashed all over.
I would sing less...

If you could take a one-month trip to any single destination in the world and money is not a consideration, where would you go?

If it was for me: Mali.
If it was for me and my Scottish genes: Scotland
If it was for me and my friends: I'd make a trip around the world visiting all my online friends.

What is the best example of “perfection” that you can think of?

That's one of the most difficult questions... well, the question is OK. But the answer....

I was about to say nature... but two of my babies died, and they both were beautiful, so it's only part of nature. Like the moon in the sky yesterday, the butterfly on the rose.
Or maybe I should take a step backwards and see that over the ages, all is in balance anyway. Because my excistence just doesn't matter.

Perfection is like happiness.
It's how you experience it.
It's when you're open for it and realise it's perfection.

Sometimes the look of a child is perfection,
sometimes a song.

To me the moment I was confronted with perfection best was when my little lady was born.
She was dead.
But she had the most beautiful feet in the world.

That was perfection, because it erased all my pain, my grief, and just took me away from life itself.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


may 17 2008

Saturday Six

1. At what age did you move out of your parents’ home (or at what age do you plan to do so)?

Pfff, that was about.. eh... 21.
We lived about near the university, but nevertheless I managed to find a room and move there.
Moved back 3 months before marrying. (Never again when I have to repeat my life!!!)

2. What, in your book, makes someone truly independent?

An independent mind.

3. If you had to live for a full year on a deserted island without any other company at all, do you think you would be able to do it?

Oh yes!!
Finally I could sing and dance the way I want, without disturbing anything but the wildlife.
I'm sure the next night I would be eaten alive as those animals never would let me act that way another day. LOL!

4. Take the quiz: How Independent Are You?

Your Independence Level: High

You are extremely self reliant and autonomous.

You are definitely into doing your own thing.

But you also wouldn't turn down help if you needed it.

You follow your own path, but you don't do so blindly.

5. When you have a major decision to make, on average, how many people do you talk to before making up your mind?

Not many.
Mainly money is limiting me. LOL!

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most important, how important would you rate the approval of those closest to you?

7, when you mean the children. They have to be happy.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

friday's feast

may 16 2008


What is the nearest big city to your home?

Arnhem, the place of the movie "A bridge too far".


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?

Ohoh, very very well.
As a psychologist I have to keep the secrets of people.

That makes the new way of dealing with criminal personal matters such a problem.
When I'm good at keeping secrets I, and my collegues, get the chance to treat people and prevent further problems.
We have the chance to approach the victims (very carefully) and offer help.

Nowadays there is more and more a tendency to disgard privacy. That means we should report under all circumstances.
Which means that crimes and serious problems are even kept from us, and things might go on endlessly.


Describe your hair (color, texture, length).

My hair?
Red, straight, thin.
Can I have curls now?

Main Course

What kind of driver are you? Courteous? Aggressive? Slow? and I won't know, because I don't drive.


When was the last time you had a really bad week?

Raed my blog and you know each day is a struggle and I won't survive when I keep on looking back.
So looking forward: next week is full of appointments and the start of the final exam, and then it's another weeks full of exams and waiting for the results start.

It means a lot out of the usual routine, so difficult weeks for children with autism.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain, glorious rain!

may 15 2008

I heard a strange noise.

Like a bird fell on a stiff plastic screen.

Then another sound... the same?

And more....

Dark patches of the size of a euro on the pavement.


I rushed outside, called for a bucket and pulled the almost dry laundry from the lines.

The girls ran outside to help me and in a joint efford we got the large pile in the house.

Like I pushed a button the rain suddenly came down in large quantities.

Rain!! Glorious rain!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The luxury of handpainted glass

may 14 2008

Do you know I love painted glassware

I'm not only talking about christmas ornaments, but also about bowls, bottles, glasses, candle holders, plates and platters and even salt and pepper sets.

Many years ago I used to paint glasses myself.
It was fun to do, but it took a lot of time, because the preparation of the glass is as important as the paiting itself.
The cleaner the glass, the better the paint will stay on.

I still paint little glass bottles.
It's fun to fill them with bathsalt, herbs or gardenseeds and give them as a present.

Using painted glass is a pleasure.
The playfull effects of the light shining through the glass adds luxury to each dinnertable.
Some time ago I was at a weddingdinner and we all got a different glass to take home.
I've made a shelf in front of the dinnerroom-window, like in the sixties, and I display my painted glasses there.
People love this little home-museum.

Are flip-flops sometimes too casual?

may 14 2008

Do you think that flip-flops are ever too casual to wear?

I'm a flip-flopper.
I have a pair at the doormat, so I can wear a pair outside without taking filth inside, and I have a pair for inside.
I even have some colours to go with my clothes.

When one gets too bad to wear, I save the other, because I might get a pair again in the near future.
At the end of the summerseason I buy a couple of pairs to get me through the winter.

But I do think flip-flops are too casual to wear to certain events.

When I wear make-up, I don't wear flip-flops.
It's an unwritten rule.

I climb mountains wearing them, but you won't see me attending a gala event wearing a pair. Not even when they're fancy or bling-bling.

And I never wear them to my diabetes doc, because he considers them a risk for wounds.
I don't agree.
I've never ever had feetproblems with flip-flops, but I've had many blisters wearing normal shoes.

So yes, I do think flip-flops are sometimes too casual to wear.

On the warpath...

may 14 2008

This morning we were on the warpath for our girls.

The schoolprincipal has made some serious mistakes in the past and never ever took the effort to apologise.
He should have. It was painful and stupid enough.

But life goes on...untill today.

No, we weren't going to get that wellmeant apology.
It will never come.

We wanted to have a thourough look through the files of our daughters before they are send to the next school.

School had just begun, and he wasn't in his office.
We found him talking with someone.

When I addressed him he looked up like he'd seen a ghost.

I know he tried for three years not to meet me in person. LOL!

We told him what we came for, but he managed to escape by telling us he was too tied up at the moment. So maybe after school....

After school the message was that we could get in contact with one of the coordinators.
She said we could only have a look, no copy and she was very disturbed by the request.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


may 13 2008

I started out looking for dollshouses and ended dreaming away at a site with all sorts of dollhouse items.

Beacuse I have an MDF kit of a dollshouse, I first had a thourough look at the size of it.
My dolls and furniture are 1:12.
There was no scale at the kit of the house.
So I measured a door.

The doll was larger. Problem solved.

I need a dollshouse 1:12.

Extra alert I started to look around and found a lovely house with anex.
Perfect for my idea of a victorian house with a teaservice shop.
1:12 it said, bit the style looked like the house I have.
Measurements made it clear: it wasn't 1:12, but ptobably 1:24.

Now I can put my 1:12 dolls and furniture in boxes and start anew with 1:24, but I'm not seeing that happen at the moment, unless the big ship with money arrives.

So now I'm looking at tle lovely architecture of the Tuscany houses.
Maybe I have to design a house myself.
But who can help me with the MDF?

Life can be so easy when you don't have a hobby. LOL!

the night of the 13th

may 13 2008

I should have looked at the date when I went to bed.

When I was pushed straight up at 4.19 hours, I should have done it too.
The sound which made me freeze into a sitting position in my bed was from my son.

He was yelling against his computer.

The windows were all open, so the whole world must have come to a halt.

He couldn't sleep, he told me, and his computer didn't work. And the whole world is a mess.

I couldn't agree more with the last statement, but I doubt if he cared.

I closed the window of his room and turned.
He stared me straight in the face and then started his litany of all his complaints.
Included were the weather (twice), the other children, his computer, school, the government and a lot more.

So I told him to go to sleep, now it all was out.

No, he wasn't going to sleep, because he couldn't sleep at all.
The book I first suggested was stupid, the other was intentionally too girly.
Well, OK, then he would take the first one.

By that time I was angry on the whole world myself.

Why didn't I have children that are normal and are sleeping in no time when something woke them up during the night.

A big spider was using my bathroomwall to have a walk...NO WAY!!

By the time I was sure he was dead I was so wide awake that I didn't fall asleep anymore.

And my son?

He was sleeping with a book by his side like a sweet teddybear.

Monday, May 12, 2008

manic monday

may 12 2008

If the statement, 'You are what you eat' was true, I would be a _______.


Each morning I eat a slice of peperkoek.
That's a kind of gingerbread.

It's the only breakfast that keeps my diabetes in balance.

I just can't do without.

If you had to have one piece of music (softly) playing in your mind for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be?

Oh dear. That depends.
Right now it would be Pachelbel.

What is the most important thing in any relationship?

Well, I can't answer the question, as no relationship and fiendship are relationships too.

But considering you mean a loving relationship I would say:
love, trust, care.
You have to keep talking, and you have to keep investing.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

unconscious mutterings

may 11 2008

  1. Track :: iceskating

  2. Snake :: ugh... go away!

  3. Assignment :: give me a good one. Well paid. I need some work this week.

  4. Blockbuster :: not for me. I/m a real blogger!!

  5. Bombastic :: pedantic

  6. Adventure :: send me to the Amazonas

  7. First time :: ever I saw your face.

  8. Aged :: old

  9. Grip :: get a grip!

  10. Shortcut :: the easy way.

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my computer went black

may 11 2008

I can't believe it: my computer went black.


I hope it's the temperature. It's nearly 26 degrees celcius here.
I'm now using a laptop from a friend.
Nice for a little while.

But I was bussy making a graphic for mothersday. Ca't do it with this one.

Well, mothersday is full of surprises.

The children made me breakfast, coffee and peperkoek, and then wanted me to sit on the couch and wait.

I received some very nice presents:
earrings and a pendant...very red
a short blue scarf
a little bureau clock
a little aqua towel
a plastic rose
and ofcourse the lovely poems, spiced up with the funny proof of dyslexia, the drawn hearts and some other sweet DIY.

And I treated myself with a nice plan for my dollshouse 1:12 items.

Am I strange to think that whenever I want to do something for myself, something else goes completely wrong?
I can't do without my computer. It keeps me sane.

Maybe G from B is able to send me what I earned two months ago?
It helps me to find a new computer screen.

Well, I wish everyone a very happy mothersday.

It's summer here, so I maybe I can do something in the garden before we're back to winter or thrown into fall.LOL!

Enjoy Mothersday!!!

Mom of 6 did it!

may 11 2008

I did it!!

I made some firm bids on a dollshouse last night, but I still owe my own money, because someone else made a ridiculous bid. Maybe the seller himself with a second acount, because everyone was bidding rather careful and suddenly one bid came in and was skyhigh. So strange.

Well, I started surfing around, got me a glass of cranberry juice and enjoyed the silence of the night.

For a long time I've wanted to do more with the dollshouse items I've collected.
I do have a dollshouse, but it's 1:24.
Most of my items are 1:12 thought. So too large. But they're beautiful.

I've decided to take a bit more effort to start a 1:12 house.

When I can't find a dollshouse I love against a reasonable prize, I can at least start with one room.

I have such lovely dolls:
a real victorian lady
two maids
one pair of parents

I have even a beautiful christal chandelier

A large table with kitchenitems, which can be used for a kitchen or a shop.

Furniture for rooms and a kitchen.

Etc etc.

Instead of the dollshouse I bought a lovely cot and crib. I can use lace to make them victorian. (Even though I doubt if victorians slept under lace. LOL!)
And I bought a tiny silvercolour teaset.

Because I know a few teasets waiting to be bought for a few pennies, I've deccided to start a teaset shop.

I can't wait!!!!!

So I finally made a step towards realising a dream that brightens my phantasy for so many years.

I did it!!!!

Please rate this item here:

Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

New on my wishlist: (Not all houses, but these I like)

Patricia Villa - gulfriend (EUR 187,79) Item No. Co29116

Mini Palæ - Creme (EUR 228,05) Item No. 29104-9

De Winkel Bouwpakketprijs € 79.50

Rose Cottage Bouwpakket € 85,-

Ann's Shop Artikel Nr.: EM8362 EUR 129.00

shop Artikel Nr.: HM8006

saturday six

may 11 2008

Saturday Six

1. How many days a week, on average, do you eat breakfast?


2. If you eat a breakfast that involves actual cooking, what are most likely to prepare for yourself?

We don't have cooked breakfast here.
The only cooked things are teawater and an egg now and then.
Not for me, I have a metabolic disorder that allows no use of eggs.

3. If you eat a breakfast that requires no cooking, what are yu most likely to choose for yourself?

Pperkoek. That's a kind of gingerbread.

4. Take the quiz: What Kind of Cereal Are You?

You Are Granola

You are creative and inventive.

You don't do much the ordinary or normal way.

You like to explore new ideas and lifestyles.

Something isn't for you just because other people do it.

Quick breakfast fixes are definitely not your style.

You're the type most likely to cook yourself an amazing homemade breakfast.

5. When you eat pancakes, how many do you typically place in a stack?

When I have to make them for at least 8 people Í don't feel like eating them anymore.
I'm not allowed to eat them either.

6. How do you like your pancakes: with butter/margarine or without, and what flavor of syrup?

With butter? It isn't bread!!

With Jam was OK in the past.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

saturday 9

may 10 2008


1. What is the first thing you notice about a person (that you are attracted to) when you meet them?

Well, when I'm already attracted to the person it's not really a first thing.
So it depends on what I like most about the person, or, when things aren't going well, on the most irritating thing. LOL!

When I meet someone first and he's one of the kind I would wish to fall in love with, it'll be the way he looks at me.

2. What has been your worst illness or injury?

Thanks to a doctor at the hospital (maternity department) who wouldn't believe me that I was not only having after-contractions, but also a strange pain, I ended up at home with a powerful uterine infection. Within two hours I went from a faint pain and the feeling of pending doom to a feeling I was fading away from the world.

Luckily a friend who is a midwife did believe me and came.
And because she trusted me in my medical opinion she also called the doc when she went on her way.
They arrived at the same time.

I remember she started talking to me, to keep me conscious.
The doc didn't even need to do a full examination as the lymph glands were so very large.
He rushed to the pharmacy to get the meds for me himself.

A few years later I was expecting.
But the baby died and I went to hospital to give birth.
When the baby was born I got a massive bleeding.
There was no OR free, so the obstetrician tried to stop it, but couldn't.
I was rushed to theatre anyway.
Outside we had to wait.
Later I was told it was a matter of minutes or I would have died.

3. Have you ever had a secret crush and then told the person? If yes, how did it go?
Yes, I've had a crush, but I've never told it with so many words.
My eyes tell a lot, and that special smile. Ugh. Wish I could control that!

4. What was the last drink that you ordered at a pub or a bar?

Can't remember.
I haven't been in a pub for, I don't know how many, years.

5. What car have you owned that was your favorite?

What is the fascination with cars?
I don't drive and I don't have one.
Tell me: what's the best buy?

6. What is your favorite holiday?

That one has yet to come. LOL!
I want to go to Scotland.

None of the holidays is my favorite, because it always means it's even more bussy and stressfull as ever.

7. Have you ever had sex with someone that in retrospect was (and stayed) a stranger?

No. Or do you mean my husband? In that case: yes.

8. Who is your favorite female singer?

Do you want me to have another go about Kiri te Kanawa?
I love Janice Joplin too.

9. How often do you read the newspaper?

Let's put it this way: I read all the newspapers that end up in the house.
I don't always read them at the same day.

When things go normal I like to clean my room on monday and then I sit down and have a look at the pile of papers. LOL!
I always ease my mind with the fact that I have a friend whose paperpiles are higher. LOL!


may 10 2008

Another far too hot day here.

Spring is skipped, it's full summer.
Even with the window open during the night I kept turning and turning. What a night temperature!!!

I was glad to walk into the garden early in the morning.
It's like I can see everything grow by the minute.

The strawberries are flowering already, the blossoms have disappeared from the appletrees,
the tulips are gone.


I was so caught up with all the saturday chores that i didn't notice my breathing was going worse.

Well, it can only go so much worse untill it's hard work to get some oxygen in.

So I got an asthma attack...
Haven't had one as bad for a couple of years.

Luckily I had my meds downstairs, so I took the maximum once, and a bit more....

In hospitals they go even higher with the dosage, and I had no intention to be at the hospital during mother's day. (Although the food is good then, LOL!)

After some time I could breathe better.. Phew!!!

Feminists for Clinton or women for women?

may 10 2008

While Hillary Clinton is trying to invest even more money to lure people into voting for her, and feminists think that Hillary will realise all their dreams (or at least some of them), there are other matters that should catch the attention of these women.

Instead of thinking that women should vote for women, they should care more for people who really need assistance.

Do you know that each minute somewhere on the world a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth?
Isn't it a shame that the majority of those women, blindly claiming that America needs a female president, don't know that in Africa 1 in 22 delivering sisters of them die?

When all these women would start a fight to save these women, maybe they'll better the world in a far better way than that Clinton becomes president.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nice morning shopping

may 9 2008

I called the dentist early in the morning.
Couldn't get an appointment sooner than next friday!!!!
All I can do now is hope that the rest of the molar won't break off.

Then my oldest and I went to the shopping centre to find him new glasses.
He tried out a lot and ended with one of 299 euro.

So when the woman who helped us left for a moment I told him that he should have another look, as 299 euro is a lot.

When she came back he asked for another look al models that looked the same.
She smiled and told him that she also thought that these glasses were far too expensive.

She handed him a variation on one he already tried, but didn't like.
Now the rim wasn't black, but a nice colour of grey.
When he put it on his whole face seemed to change for the better.

After that we went windowshopping, bought some bread we never have bought before, tasted cheese in a shop and bought a piece, and went home.

We had such a good time!


friday's feast

may 9 2008


When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?

Unless it's a smile from one of the very few people I distrust.
In that case I either ignore the person, or I say: "Oh, Hello", with the sounds of: "Am I wearing your clothes?"


Describe the flooring in your home. Do you have carpet, hardwood, vinyl, a mix?

Vinyl tiles.
I really need new flooring. Those tiles are 15 years old.
They were bought at Ikea and I've never seen them again.
Such a pity, because I really need tiles.
We can't empty the room, and with tiles one can do one part and move on to the next day.
We've considered laminate, but the boys walk in too much sharp way or another.


Write a sentence with only 5 words, but all of the words have to start with the first letter of your first name.

Listen, Lovely Lame Laminate lovers!

Main Course

Do you know anyone whose life has been touched by adoption?

Oh yes, I have quite some friends who were either adopted themselves or have adopted children.

We also tried to adopt.
There weren't many children available then.

A friend was midwife in Africa, Swasiland, and one day a mother died, and her little girl survived.
Her father, who was chief of a tribe, didn't want her and told her to put her up for adoption.
She knew we had all the paperwork and everything else ready, so she called us and we all started the procedures.

It felt very strange that I knew where her father was, and I knew that in the same tribe some women weren't able to have children. They would have loved to give her a proper home.
So I told my friend to try and talk with the chief, tell him that the spirits have their own way of telling him that things need to be changed.
Maybe this girls was born as his daughter to teach him to change the laws in favor of the tribe and those who belang to the tribe. She was the daughter of a long line of chiefs, she couldn't be given away. There were women in his tribe, ready to feed her and help her become a proper chief's daughter.

Well, he accepted her after all. In a beautiful; ceremony, calling me her second mother.

Well, that's nice, but it took me a long time not to feel sad about this all.
I felt a bond with her, bridging the distance.

Because this went wrong in the eyes of the adoption agency, we were asked if we wanted a "medical problem in Haïti".
So another procedure started.
This time a lovely boy was expected.

But I got pregnant.

When I told it at the next meeting the woman closed the files with a bang..
That was it.
I was 40 and after that it isn't possible to adopt in our country.


Name 2 blue things.

My lip care, the bright sky outside.

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Chatter on thursday

may 9 2008

Nature skipped the rest of spring and brought us a summer-week.
I really had to work in the garden this afternoon. Everything is growing so fast!
The brambles tried to overgrow the rest, so I had to take action.

While 3 loads of laundry dried, I cleaned the floors inside.
Behind my back one of the girls almost fell while she tried to sneak in with the mothersday present.

The girls are spending their vacation very well, LOL!
I'm sure they'll surprise me with home-made presents.

I earned some money last month and thought it would be nice to take them to something special.
But it still hasn't arrived on my paypal... what a disappointment!

We had a nice dinner together.
Tomorrow is the last schoolday for one of the boys. Just a couple of days and then the final exams start.

While I was making plans for tomorrow with the oldest - he needs new glasses - the phone rang.

While I said "hallo", the filling from one of the molars fell out.

So I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning...
I hope he's got a bit of time to fix the molar.

Like many people I don't like to go to the dentist, but I don't feel as bad with this dentist than with the ones before.
This one is very nice and caring, and he loves his job.

Well, I hope I can go to the shopping centre after the visit to the dentist, to find my son new glasses.
Keep your fingers crossed I won't look like a droopy drunk old lady. LOL!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

a choice for a full time or part time study

May 8 2008

We had a good meeting yesterday morning.

I was almost too late for the appointment, because the busses were not going to town.
Just when I decided to take the train and phone that I would be too late, the buss came.

I had to run from the busstop, which was no fun, as this nice weather is bad for my asthma.

The building is very new, and extremely modern.
I felt like being in a science fiction environment. Very nice, untill we were near the classrooms.
Someone who doesn't know how distracting open windows are, decided that see through photos on the windows to the corridors and hallways were wonderful.

My son immediately said that this school is the worst environment for an ADHD'er.
There's nowhere a room which has four walls and gives the feel of focussing on your work.

The woman we met was very nice and kind. She complimented him with his decision, to apply for a job and go to school one day.
I was a bit more hesitant, because I knew he made this decision while walking to the meeting.

Interesting for me was that she told the school has had many problems with my son's present school, which is also the school of my autistic son. That says it all, doesn't it?

Well, I know now that I'll have a hard job lying in front of me: getting a positive evaluation of my son from his present school.

Well, the woman said that he'd better make a save choice. He'd better not confront himself with too many difficulties, considering the fact that he has ADHD and is dyslectic.

I can't quite agree.
It's easy to take it easy. And he sure will succeed.
But on the other hand: he has always taken matters very serious. Wasn't afraid of a struggle to get things done.

Working 4 days and going to school one day, means his education is limited to that one shop.
When he goes to the fulltime school course, he will have weeks in between where he works at all sorts of shops, and he'll be able to find out what he likes and doesn't like. He opens up his future far more.

After we spend more than an hour talking, we went to the informationcentre for some booklets.
The woman there had a talk with us too, and she said exactly what I thought.

So instead of applying for a place there, he has to make a choice.

In the evening we had a long talk.

When he goes for the easy route: 4 days work and one day school, he'll work 4 years for minimal wages. The shop can even force him to sign a contract that he stays for 5 years after he's graduated. But a pro is that his studies will be paid for.

When he goes for the other route, he's going to school all week, he has to apply for a grant to pay for his studies, but when he is successfull there's no need to pay it back.
He can work a day in the week at the shop, and when they want to up his wages, there's no problem.
Every so many weeks there are two weeks or more of practical work at all sorts of different shops, so his education is very broad.

When the choice was mine I'd choose for the last.

And you?


Fighting body-weight and finding improvement of acne and wrinkles.

may 8 2008

Loosing weight is a real challenge.
My experience is that all those wonderdiets only create more problems after a while.

I know quite some people who eat far more healthy than their ancestors, exercise regularly, and still weight more than the earlier generations.

So maybe our ancestors used certain ingredients more than we do.
Following this chain of thought some people took a close look and made a list of 10 ingredients which are known for their healthy influence.
They bundled these working elements in a pill.
Barley, Acai,Cayenne Pepper, Buckweat, flaxseed and some other ingredients are all part of: Orovo.

When people started using the pill they experienced not only weightloss, but also discovered a tremendous improvement of their acne, and even of their wrinkles.
Isn't this a great and welcome extra?

I wonder if anyone of my readers has experience with this product?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's link and drop like unique individuals

may 7 2008

The What-DOESN'T-Work-For-Me edition

Recently I joined entrecard. It's a system that gives me the opportunity to visit sites and let know I'm there.
In return I get a visit back and points which allow me to buy a bit of advertising space on a blog or even some special presents, like design, a recipe.

There are more visitor-exchange systems that work almost the same.

I've also joined some sponsored blogging sites, including the newest one I recently blogged about.
The new system registers how people reach the blogs. Entrecard and some other systems are monitored.
So I assume they're looking for unique visitors.

Those link exchange and dropping systems don't work for me, and in the end they don't work for you.

My guess is that it's important to create a linkexchange/dropping system that isn't monitored by the big guys.

When you want to participate, just let me know.

I'm thinking about a good system which takes just a little time, but gives you unique visitors. Those that really count.
Those that are really interested.

So I want only personal sponsored blogging blogs, no blogs that overflow with advertisements and have no interesting content.

Give me a comment and tell me (where I can find) your emailaddress, so I can mail you the details.

Let's make a good working team!

Because the excisting systems won't work for us in the end.


A new day... a new future for my son

may 7 2008

Everything feels and looks like it's summer.
I even had the window open all night without feeling cold for a minute.

I'm waiting for one of my sons to leave the shower and hop in myself.

He takes so much time I think I have to walk straight from the shower to the busses to be in time for an appointment.
Don't worry, I'll dress first.

Just a thin cotton long dress with a matching thin blouse/jacket on it.

He's decided to take his future into retailing.

Last year he started working in a job, just to get some money, and it turned out one of the best decisions of his life.
He loves working there, and he seeks responsibility.

So I phoned a college in town and we're going to have a talk there about which subjects he needs to take and which support he can get.
He's severely dyslectic.

He can do without support.
The lack of, has made him find out all sorts of compensation mechanisms.
But after all the bad expereinces he's had at the school he is now, he deserves a good start at the next educational level.

Do I hear the shower has stopped without me calling over and over and over again?


I'm off!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The files arrived, grrrr.....

may 6 2008

We asked the council to send us the files they have about my autistic son.

They arrived today.

I haven't read more than the first page.
It's a healthy decision, because my bloodpressure and everything else went over the roof.

In the past, when he was at basic school, we went to the council to talk about the fact that we expected problems at school.
We didn't know what school was able to care for his needs.

Basic school had been a very bad experience.
I was called to school for an emergency at least twice a month. Meaning they called me twice a week.

The schoolyear was a complete horrormovie, with a principal who thought he could calm children with laying his hands on their shoulders and looking them deep in the eyes.
Ha. Do that with autistic children and you'll get a panick attack.

They guy interpreted that as aggression...

Well, the representative of the council called him after she had spoken with us, and he told her that we painted a picture that wasn't right.

I can understand he wanted to protect himself and the name of the school, but that he would go as far as that!

So now we understood why we were treated so bad at the meetings of last week and the week before.
They just don't believe us.

Those schools protect themselves and they don't care for the individual pupil.

I have written a reaction to this file, but I'm not sure if I should bother to send it.
On the other's a legal document and it can be used against us might it come to a courtcase.


Letter wasn't send.
I don't think they'll believe my story against that of the principal of the school.
I also didn't want to add another stressful issue to my life.