Friday, April 18, 2008

You can congratulate us!! Yoohaa!

april 16 2008

Last week one of the twins was admitted to the school of their choice, the other was rejected.
It was such a blow!

Monday morning I wrote a letter asking the school to reconsider.

They might have made a mistake, because the letter stated the outcome of some tests, and not the advice the teachers from school gave and the national test indicated.

I clearly stated why these tests were unacceptable for us. (Mom here has lectured research methods and statistics, so it was no problem to make them clear that tests are not perfect, and why in this case they are not to be used.)

I know she's very dyslectic. But she brings with her the grants for support.

And the present school says she needs some extra attention, but we feel that's because they're not completely used to dyslexia. And the new school is.

Ofcourse today was bussy...
I even had to go to the doc with my autistic son...pfff...

Her teacher told us this morning that today the new school would have a meeting about my girl.
I expected it to be late afternoon.

But just when I came home with my son, the phone rang.

SHE'S ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. HA ha ha .I enjoyed to read your your post.

  2. awesome!!!!!!!! good for you for having them reconsider. Woo hoo!

  3. oh congrats! Im sure you must be sooo happy :)


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