Sunday, April 13, 2008


april 23 2008

I took a few days away from this blog, because I needed some time for other things.

The twingirls got the decision about their application for the new school.

One of them is admitted, the other rejected!

That was an unexpected situation after their teacher told them they both were admitted.

One of the mothers of the children of their group even said she was phoned by the new school. They wanted to know whether her son wanted to be in the same group as the twins.
"Oh yes!", he had answered.

The letter of rejection stated a different schooladvice than we had got.
Are we dealing with a mistake at the side of the new school?
Or did the present school adjust the advice without letting us know?

We were all so very disappointed that we nearly forgot one of the girls should be happy to be admitted.

Luckily we got unexpected visitors, so we all got a little distance.

I have no words for the whole situation.

More than a month ago we had contact with the school about the application.
The woman involved told us she would call when there were any problems.

I guess she forgot....


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