Friday, April 4, 2008

three word wednesday - coma

april 4 2008

Late. Sorry.
But with 5 kids with the flu life more than blogging alone. LOL!



She drifted in and out of consciousness
like being on waves of a sea in an empty boat.

Vaguely she recognised a voice,
like forms in a cloud,
not attaching any meaning to the sounds.

The darkness of a thundercloud spread through her being,
when suddenly a light flashed painful in her eyes.

For a minute
she was able to realise it was not her who was living inside herself,
but a strange being
able to fly, unable to move her arms.

For hours
the afterimages triggered strange objects in her mind,
mysterious beings invading the quiet meditative state,
melting to masks and colourful identities,
like she was in a paralell universe waiting to be born.

Then silence came,
and nothingness,
for unknown times and ages.

like warm silent smiles caressing her skin.
A wave lifted her to the sun,
kissing her skin with tenderness.

She did now know what made her
bounce back
into the cold harsh world
of pain and light
when her wide open eyes
started seeing again

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  • three word wednesday

  • three word wednesday

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    1. It's amazing that you've beeen able to write this with five kids and the flu! I was reminded of how I felt after being given pethidine during the birth of my first child.

    2. A powerful poem. Enigmatic. Done well.

    3. Enchanting. Very descriptive and vivid. Very well written.

    4. I was there for a time. Thank you for your lovely imagery!

    5. Very vivid imagery Captured a moment. Thanks

    6. one kid with the flu is hard enough to handle -- i do not know how you do all that you do! keep it up! : ]

    7. Almost like a re-birth! Vivid and vibrant -


    Thank you for your comment.