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Scrumptious Sunday - potatoes

april 27 2008

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We're a country of potatoe-eaters.
Van Gogh painted them.

The use of potatoes for food stems from the second century BC. That is to say, there's proof they were grown then, but maybe they were used even earlier.

In the 16th century the Spanish conquerers took them with them to Europe.
At first people didn't value them.
The leaves are poisonous and people thought the potatoes were develish.

But soon they found out how to cook them and they started to value the nurishment.
As the potatoeplants is able to adopt to the climate it didn't take long before potatoes were a main part of the daily diet.

In 1680 the french fries/frites were invented. They were not french at all, but Belgian.
In those days the famers of Namen, Ardenne and Dinant ate lots of little fried fish.
Because the water was frozen and they couldn't catch the fishes, they took potatoes, slices them in the same size and fried them.

The most famous potatoe is "het bintje".
It's created by a teacher living in the Northern part of The Netherlands, called Friesland.
He loved to create new varieties and he called them after his children.
The tenth variety was called after a girl in one of his groups: Bintje Jansma.
The taste is weet and soft, and the potatoe cookes nicely.

Ofcourse the American readers now start to beg to tell the tale about the invention of the chips.
So here we go:
Mr. Vanderbilt (sounds terribly terribly Dutch, doesn't it?), the rich Ships and railwayguy, was in Seratoga in 1853.
He ordered meat and frites.
But when his mail was served he considered the frites too large and sent them back to the kitchen.
The owner of the restaurant was a bit irritated and he wanted to teach Mr. Vanderbilt a lesson.
He sliced the potatoes very thin and fried them in boiling oil.
When he served them he called them "potato chips".
The story tells that Mr. Vanderbilt loved them.

Ofcourse the Scottish should be mentioned here too.
They managed to make the largest potatoe in 1992.
It was 2015 grams and had a length of 25 cm.

Here at home we have several ways of preparing a meal with potatoes.
Ofcourse we like them
- peeled, cooked with salt, and served with meat and vegetables.
- peeled, cold, sliced into a salad with lettuce and other fresh vegetables,
- peeled, sliced and baked
- peeled, sliced into frites and fried
- peeled, cooked and mashed

and the kids love to "steal" them out of the fridge when they think I can't see them. LOL!

Sometimes we slice a potatoe, carf it and use it as a stamp.

And did you know you can clean your silver by putting it in warm potatoewater and then rub it clean afterwards?

Well, I guess that 's enough for today.

I'm sure the other participants in Scrumptious Sunday will present you some great recipes.

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  1. Great post the facts.

  2. Thanks for all the interesting facts, Laane. I didn't know that about the potato chips!

  3. Thanks for this list of facts about potatoes. So French fries are actually Belgian-wow! I learned quite a bit of trivia today! Thanks for playing and for the new header pic. I will use it next week. Thanks for visiting mine

    Have a great day!

  4. I enjoy potatoes prepared just about every way imaginable but I've never eaten them in a salad!

  5. This was so interesting! I love the little mice and cheese picture. So cute.


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