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Scrumptious Sunday - Chili

april 20 2008

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It's kind of a tradition I won't give a recipe, but dish up one of my memories.
So here's one.

As Chili is very cheap, easy to make and can be made in verrrry large quantities, we often made it during our university years.

No party or we would invite people to come
at 18.00 hours to eat with us,
at 19.00 hours to do the dishes,
at 20.00 hours to tidy up and decorate the space
at 21.00 hours to start the part and
at 22.00 hours with a bottle of something, because there was no free netrance at that time anymore.

Ofcourse most of us would be in the kitchen early in the afternoon to start preparations.

We always had so much fun deciding who would get the groceries, who would cook and who would do all the other chores.

Often it was up to me to slice the unions, start the cooking and then slip away with the grocery group.

It was in spring, I remember, it might even be in april, when we had a party because we finished another round of exams.

It was at a huge student flat, with a huge kitchen and a flamboyant array of students living there.

One of them was quite boring. He was about to enter the medical research, and at the time he was developing a very old fashioned way of sleepresearch.
A collegue of him from Surinam, very social and certainly not boring, was having a talk with one of the girls. A suicidal type, who could be fun to have around, but only after she had the proper amount of attention and a good moodboost.
Another friend was still at university and not expected untill four. And he probably would have a lousy mood as his exam was very difficult.

I was over the hill from joy that I managed to pass my exams that morning, and I even dared to call someone with a car to help us with the groceries.

Such a good day!

All the large pans came on the table, the unions too.
One of my best friends took them one by one to the fire to melt some butter, and I sliced the unions singing heartbreaking laments with the speakers out loud.
Even when the countrysongs came on and the tears dripped on the ground I went on, and soon all the pans were filled and the unions were slowly melting in the butter.

The car and driver came, we went for groceries, and when we came back we could see the beans and carrots which were still available from another shopping trip slowly heating in the pans.

We added the best ingredients, while people walked in, sang songs with us, and just relaxed.

I added a bit of chilipowder, some peppers and other spices and mixed it well.
Then I was called away, I don't know why, and when I entered the kitchen someone was happily stirring the mixtures, telling everyone the smell was good and the food was almost ready.

Suddenly we were called outside to see airballoons passing over the studenthouses.
We all waved and had fun, untill one of us remembered the chili.
"Hope it's not burned".

No problem...our man from surinam was stirring the chili, whistling a song and told all to count the heads, get enough plates and prepare the tables.

So we did.

We even called in our sleeping doctor-wannabee and he was the first to get a plate with chili.
He was brought up well in a roch family, but at the studenthouse he'd forgotten all manners, so he started to eat.

Immediately he went red and tried to say that the chili was HOT, HOT HOT!!!

None believed him, so we gave him a spoonfull of sugar, and ignored him after telling him to stop the joke.

We all waited for each other and like a good choir we started at the same time.

When I think about the taste I get still hot flushes, an urge to drink cold water, and yell: HOT HOT HOT!!!

Turned out that I spiced the lot, the surinam guy too, and one of the others when I was away to get the groceries.

Luckily we had plenty of bread, and none objected to mashed potatoes going with the chili, so we were able to have a nice dinner when the potatoes were cooked.

A few weeks later I had breakfast with salt in my coffee, at the same place, but that's another story.

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  1. Great story Laane! I love reading about you and your life...very interesting.

  2. I really enjoy your walks down memory lane! Great story! Too funny that others decided to spice the chili up too-lol! I bet you had many other great feasts that were a hit!

    I love your header pic. Did you make it? If so, are you interested in making more for Scrumptious Sunday? I had another blogger that doesn't even participate make all of the ones I have now.

    Thanks for visiting mine

    Thanks for playing again too!
    Have a great week!


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