Saturday, April 26, 2008

saturday special

april 26 2008

~I Say..You Answer...~

1. Early answer?:

I love spring and summer, because I can walk into the garden whenever I want, without the fuzz of coats and special shoes.

It's so nice to smell the early morning air and to hear the birds sing.
At a very early time they're not disturned yet by people going to work and school.
The world is theirs, and I'm allowed to be there.

It so nice to see the flowers, still closed, with a bit of moisture catching the first rays of sun.
During the day they'll open and seeing that change make me feel happy.

2. Foggy answer?:

As an asthmatic I'm in conflict here.
Mist makes me feel short of breath.

But I love to see the mist above and around the lake.
So I'll take my inhaler and use it very well, and then go for a walk.

The mysterious silence is what I'm looking for.
The large willowtrees alsmost drawn against a grey canvas.

3. Full answer?:

The full moon draws me outside.
Sometimes I even wake up the girls to have a look, and when it's vacation and they want to go with me on a walk in the moonlight they're allowed to.
Educating children about the old tales is so much fun when walking in the moonlight and understanding that people long before us had the same feeling of mystery and awe.

A few years ago I was bycicling home and the moon was very large.
It was good I can bycicle home on automatic pilot, because my mind was more high in the sky than fixed on the road before me.
Suddenly I saw a shooting star.....
I'll never forget that amazing evening.

4. Starry answer?:

A starry night is what I look for on my evening walks.
It's amazing that each night the sky is different.
Sometimes I can only see a few bright ones, and at other times I can see almost straight to the end of the feels.

I don't think they want me as an astronaut, but I wouldn't mind being one.
I wonder how it would be high up there.

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  1. I love taking an evening walk in the warm air. The night sky is amazing!

  2. There is defiately something special about the air in the early hours of the morning. Hearing the birds singing is a wonderful experience.
    I'm also drawn to a full moon. There's something magical and powerful about it.
    enjoy your weekend ;0)


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