Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the same psychiatrist, oh my dear!

april 29 2008

Talking to other parents with an autistic child is very worthwhile.
With 4 boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder I'm always able to recognise something in the stories of others.

Now I'm being more active in my town people start asking questions or spontaneously start to share their experiences.
Sometimes I know I can help.

Last week I met a woman who told about her autistic son and the psychiatrist they were having troubles with.
I recognised her story and asked carefully if she wanted to tell me the name.
Yep, like I thought, she was complaining about the same person.

Because she had some questions that couldn't be answered at the schoolgate, I was invited over to her home.

I expected to be away from home for a bit over an hour, but I should have taken my pyamas with me.

Her son showed the same behaviour as my autistic son, had exactly the same problems with medication, etc etc.
And, like the psychiatrist reacted to our difficulties, she listened while looking at het watch with intervals of 10 seconds, mumbled about institionalisation and precribed the same meds before opening the door and smiling.

I've sworn to myself that I would jump in whenever I heard the same story about this psychiatrist as ours, and so I did.

When I asked her if she wanted to have her child in an institution, she said she was afraid it would end that way.
Her son even told the psychiatrist the last time that he thought she didn't care about him at all and that he had the idea she wanted to put him in a nuthouse.

That is not what autistic children should deal with!!

So we made a plan to get him better help,
I told her where to go for special assistance at school and how things are organised around the paperwork, and I was strengthened in my feeling that more moms in our town should meet and talk together.

So I'm going to organise a meeting soon.

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