Monday, April 14, 2008

manic monday

april 14 2008

Is there anything for which you would willingly give your life?

Hmm...anything, not anyone?
Well, if I could create everlasting worldpeace with my death...shoot me.

Right now I'm giving up a real life for the care of my children, so in a way one could say I'm giving up my life for autism.

How would you communicate with someone if you didn't share a common language?

Hands, feet, gestures and trying to learn the language of the other.
Maybe drawing in the sand, pointing things out, and otherwise I would try to find out which language that person is speaking and search on internet for a translation. LOL!

Where is your ideal place/location to have a wedding?

I'm going to marry again?

Woopie!! I hope it's someone who really cares for me this time.

I'm OK with the beach, on the highest hill in the Lakedistrict England, or somewhere in Scotland.

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  1. are fighting for a good cause Laane!

    A wedding in England or Scotland sounds awesome!

  2. Hey....thanks for coming by my blog. Great blog.

  3. Scotland seems to be an interesting place for a wedding! :-)

    Hope you had a happy Manic Monday!

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