Saturday, April 19, 2008

inspection of the waterplayground

april 19 2008

A while ago I told you about the changes in the park near the lake.

Now they have built a kind of waterplayground.

It looks nice. I can't say anything else.

Al sorts of low bridges go across the water, like rope bridges, a swinning bridge, and one where you have to take huge steps.

The fun is ofcourse to step in the water and get wet.

With a few moms we had a look, because we're not glad with this new feature in the neighbourhood.
It's meant well.
And it looks nice.
But who takes care of matters when something happens?

Within five minutes we found spots where children might hurt themselves.
Pointy nails sticking out, uneven wood.

We pointed out these matters to one of the workman.
He agreed these spots were overlooked and walked away, telling us to wait.
When he came back he had a large hammer and one of the DeWalt tools, a kind of electrical saw.
He took care of the uneven wood and slammed the pointy nails flat.

Well, that's one.

Now we have to get the council interested in employing a supervisor.

Someone suggested the parents could take turns, but I don't think it's wise.
Children from other neighbourhoods visit there too, including the worst bullies.
I'm rather firm and strict, but I'm sure they take it against my children and the children of my friends when I send them away.

So it should be someone independent from the neighbourhood.


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  1. At least the town had good intentions of setting up a fun place for kids. Where I live, all the parks of dirty, full of shady people situated in bad neighborhoods. Drugs.

    It'll probably be a matter of perhaps organizing a neighborhood problem where all the parents alternate keeping an eye on what's going on down there.


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