Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No time for being ill.

april 1 2008

Yesterday evening I went to bed rather early, because I didn't feel well.

I woke up worst. Ugh!!!

I'm a diabetic and my glucose was far too high, even after taking my meds.
So there's an infection...somewhere.

These are the bad days in a large family.

I have to get better before tomorrow morning, because we have a meeting at the school of my autistic son, a meeting I confirmed yesterday.

The meeting is very important, because some decisions will be made about my son, and us.
One of the two we meet is a person who has been against us all the time.
He thinks autism is a result of bad upbringing, and he wants to bring us to court for not making our son to go to that school.

So I need to be strong and firm and not distracted by a bloated belly, nausea and a headache.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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