Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I feel caught in the middle between the law and my child.

april 23 2008

Tomorrow we're going to have a meeting with a representative of the council.
She wants to "hear" is (like in "interrogation") about the fact that my autistic son is not going to school.

He promised to go last monday, but ofcourse he didn't.
The school offered him an emtpy room, and that was it.
No-one waiting for him, telling him what to do.

I'm not even sure someone realised he wasn't there at all.

Well, I've begged him to go, threatened him, gave him a book to read there, etc etc.
I can't pull him on his hair to school.

After the school with the auti-classes didn't admit him against all promisses and after 4 months of waiting, school is a no-go to him.

He can't deal with the social situations, the lack of routine, the different facial expressions, the noises, etc etc.

Homeschooling isn't allowed here.
All children should go to school.
But there's a lack of auticlasses.

I feel caught in the middle between the law and my child.

Tomorrow someone who doesn't know my child will decide if we get a fine or if we're brought to court.

Ofcourse we've made a plan.
First we want to know if the files she has are complete and if she knows he has autism.
The man she took over from intimidated me in my own home. Not much later I found out he didn't even know he was talking about a child with classic autism!

Second: it should be clear that the school did nothing at all to help him.
So they should fine the school, not us.
We complained and did everything else to get the school in motion, so they would provide him what he needs.

Third: the system falls short. He would have gone to school when the auti-class application was granted.
But there aren't enough auticlasses.

Fourth: other help is involved. I have asked the schooladvisor to help us out, and I've even asked for a meeting with the council...and that's granted!

When she fines us or sends us to court, I'll involve the media.

The last days I've felt sad, depressed, angry and a lot more.

Now I'm just very tired, but I hope tomorrow morning I'm ready to make clear that I've done all I could.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, pleasssseee!


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  1. Sorry you are going through this. Hope it all works out for you.


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