Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Help me score for autism

april 30 2008

This month was autism awareness month.

The earnings of this month will go to a good cause: autism.

Please rate my topentries of this month today, so I'll be able to donate the money to this marvelous cause.

Following are my best scoring entries, the best one at the top.
Click the link and rate at the widget. (which is now gone after an update in 2009)

Please, please help me gain for autism.


workshop: Going to the Heart of Autism


friday's feast

exhibition at school

autism - school - and an invitation of the law

I'm collecting magnifiers now

autism in libraries

inspection of the waterplayground

a cure for autism

saturday 9

three word wednesday - coma

manic monday

heads or tails - gardeningtip

publicising research results

autism awareness and a smile

The oldest and education

I feel caught in the middle between the law and my child.

Scrumptious Sunday - soup

Scrumptious Sunday - Chili

saturday special

Scrumptious Sunday - potatoes

looking for dad serving in the RAF during WW2


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