Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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april 29 2008

TAILS - Share a special memory

It's almost queensday here.

Which makes it easy to find a memory.

When I was young queensday was celebrated with lots of old fashioned games.

Ofcourse I didn't like them all.
But two of them special to me.

"Koekhappen" and rolerskating.

For "Koekhappen" children were lined up in a large row. They were blindfolded.
Then, on a line hanging above their heads, peperkoek, a kind of gingerbread, was hung and the children were supposed to reach for it with their mouths.

No problem for me.
I had a strong inner sense for where the koek would be and I always won, untill I was too old to take part.

I can't remember winning any of the other games, but I guess I've won one or twice at the other games, as they tried to let every child have an exprience of success.

It's interesting that my breakfast now still is a slice of koek.
My diabetes can't handle bread or anything else, just peperkoek.

When the years of koekhappen had to be left in the past I was old enough for rolerskating.
I was a bit too fragile for the heavy rolerskates we had them, so I didn't even come close to the top ten of my age.
Untill we got new neighbours.
They had two boys and one of them took it upon him to train me for queensday.
He had me skate as fast as I could on the street in front of the houses.
It must have been fun for other people to see me try so hard, with him yelling on the pavement.

Because he didn't want people to know I'd been the koekhappen queen so many years, he decided we would take part in the races in another part of town.
It was near where my gram and her sister lived.

They came to look and cheer.
My neighbourboy won everything, I got a fifth place.

I can remember him being very proud and happy.

My gram was over the rainbow and treated us all.
I still feel the cold of the icecream, and the warmth of the sun.
I hear the larger boys compete, and people cheering, when we headed to my grams home with the prizes.

I dressed as a girl again, with a white blouse and an orange skirt.
Orange is the color of our royal house.

My gram and her sister took an orange drink and we got orange lemonade with a straw.

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  1. I just have to tell you that I think you have the prettiest blog I have ever seen!

  2. Queensday sounds like so much fun! Here in Canada we have Queen Victoria Day in May, and your post reminded me of some of the fun I had as a child celebrating that. :) Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great rest of the week!

  3. what a sweet story. I agree with Tammy your blog is pretty!

    Ill see you on next weeks H&T :)

  4. I have never heard of queensday....thanks for posting about it! Thank you also for stopping by my blog and reading my first Heads or Tails!

  5. What nice memories. I love the picture of you skating on the street while your neighbor cheered you on. 5th place is pretty good, too!

    I agree with Tammy - very pretty blog.

  6. I love reading your blog Laane! Thank you for posting a great memory and for sharing with the world!

  7. What a fabulous memory - congratulations on Koekhappen - sounds like if you have to be an expert I one game, that would be a good one to win constantly lol

  8. such a great memory! i've never heard of those traditions before, they sound like so much fun! thanks for the birthday wishes! x

  9. That's fun!
    What a wonderful memory :)
    Thanks for visiting my page.

  10. Queensday sounds like a much anticipated and fun-filled event that everyone enjoys. Thank you for sharing this fun memory.

  11. what a great memory... thanks for stopping by my site. hope to see you on the next HoT.

  12. Great memory! Every time I come to your blog, it makes me smile!

  13. Hi, Laane! Your blog is so pretty! I enjoyed reading abour your memories. Kinda funny, The Today Show, based in NYC, was in The Netherlands on the same day you wrote this post, talking about the country and Queens Day. I was there once a long time ago and fell in love with peperkoek! ::hugs::

  14. Thanks for sharing these memories. I love learning of traditions that are new to me. These both sound like such fun times in your life! Congratulations on all your wins! lol

  15. Thanks for visiting my memories at Small Reflections and leaving the link back here so I could read yours. I think I've visited your blog before because it looks familiar ... and I'll definitely be back.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Lovely design on this. Thank you for taking the time to write!


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