Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He traded

april 30 2008

One of the boys had a great time today.

Yesterday evening he went with friends to the queensnight.
It's the night before queensday.
People prepare their stalls for the freemarket of queensday, some try out the beer (LOL!) and others go to concerts and parties.

He went to a concert and after that for a short time to a party.
He didn't like the party, so he came home early.

This morning he went to his friends early, but the concert they planned was deleted from their agendas as large clouds and a bit of rain seemed to announce bad weather.

In the afternoon we even had a bit of sun, and he disappeared to the market with only a few euros.

When he was 8 he took 5 slices of cake with him to the market and he came home with the distance driven car, a little policecar and a little ambulance. He even gave me one of the most ugly paintings we've ever seen in our lives. LOL! (He agrees now. I kept it all those years. In the attic, that is.)

Today he came home with two little dollshouses which are lamps.
One he bought, the other he couldn't afford.
He asked the woman to keep it aside for him and she promised not to sell it within the hour.

He bought some cheap toys, traded them for earrings and sold those so he had the money to buy the second house.

Isn't it amazing what he can do?

I don't have a camera available to show you the houses, but when I see them on internet, I'll show you.

The houses have a triangle base.
The back is for the light,
The two other sides have 3 little windows with shutters at the top.
One side has two large windows downstairs. With shutters too.
And one side has a door downstairs.
Around it grass with flowers.

The houses look like tudorhouses.

They're marvellous.

And so is he!!


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