Friday, April 18, 2008

Freezing internet with Avast

april 18 2008

After my son installed Shampoo and Avast, (firewall and virusscanner) I've had troubles staying on internet for longer than a few minutes each time.

It made me feel sooo irritated!

I tried changing the settings, reinstall and all the other means of trying to solve the problems. Nothing helped.

Then I stopped the whole Avast Scanner and now I'm slowly reintroducing the features one by one.

Surfing internet and blogging is for me a way to relax. Life is exciting enough, so having a virusscanner as another problemchild is not my way of having fun.

Right now it's like I've put a child on an elimination diet to see which food triggers an allergic reaction.

Many people say Avast is the best...
Well, tell that me when I have normal internetaccess again with the scanner properly running.

I know Avast pings the service a great lot.
I wonder if that might have to do with internet freezing under my hands each and every time.

A few years ago our internetprovider used to ping a lot, and we all stood up against us being watched.
They stopped.
So maybe the pingingservice of Avast runs into some sort of protection at the provider level.

Is that possible?


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  1. I had Avast and while I could still get online-I couldn't use MSN messenger. I had to reinstall windows and take Avast off to get it to work again.


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