Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fitna re-released.

april 6 2008

Geert Wilders has released the new version of Fitna today.

So the Danish caricature is removed.
The original artist complained about someone else using it without permission, after half the world has seen it publicised in papers without permission, but I guess the way Wilders used it is different.
The Danish "artist" even took a little effort to make a caricature of Wilders with a bomb instead of brains, but he took less effort to draw it, so it doesn't have as much expression.
Well, Wilders isn't worth the effort anyway.

For those who are still questioning themselves if it's dumb to ask what the difference is between The Netherlands and Denmark:
look here for Denmark and here for The Netherlands.
These are not the best sites on internet, but you can see Denmark and The Netherlands are different countries.

OK, back to Fitna.

Wilders went on his knees for the copyrightclaims he otherwise might have to deal with, which is interesting, because he's not a very compliant person.

To us here, the re-release at Leaklink seems to be like a final arm out of the water of a drowning man in the ocean.

In the first days after the release Wilders and his movie were in the middle of the attention and his small party even got an extra push in the polls, but when it became clear the Dutch muslims and non-muslims just took his movie like another one of his disrespectful and unpolite outbursts the polls showed a drop again.

Only people far away spend their energy and time on hatred and protests.
I guess they haven't even seen the movie themselves.

Life is going on here in The Netherlands as always.
Some religions had their Holy Day on friday, others on saturday and for the main part today is a day of rest and retreat.
Tomorrow those who have to go to school and work will sit side by side in the busses, trains, schools and offices, and even the trafficjams will be chains of people of all sorts of races, religions and backgrounds.

We smile about the few politicians who worked their way up to The Hague by using one-liners and by promisses that they are going to make life better...really!...
They'll disappear in time.

--- No, I'm not making a mistake.
Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands.
The seat of the government is The Hague.
Oh, and my country is named The Netherlands, and not Holland.

I've been told that the movie of Wilders is a great opportunity for the Dutch to tighten the connections between the Muslims and the rest of the world.
Someone even rested the thought in my mind that America better leaves all the initiative to Europe.

That's soooo sweet!

We're dictated what to do in Afghanistan, dictated what to do with the NATO, dictated to reveal all sorts of privacy-data of people who enter an airplane to the USA, etc etc etc.... and we're not dictated how to deal with Muslim countries? Wow!

One way of dealing with the huge international problems one person, Geert Wilders, caused, is by having our government inform the other governments about the real impact of that movie on our country.
And by showing that all sorts of people can live in our country within the boundaries of Dutch law.

What Wilders shows in his movie: other people screaming to cause death and destruction, is not acceptable by our law.
It's unacceptable to call people to murder others just for their beliefs and religion.
Extremist terrorism is not accepted by our law.

I can't state often enough that Wilders suffers from selective attention.
He only takes those headlines and videoshots which are worst and ascribes them to the whole religion.

Not making the distinction between the muslims who live in our country and criminal terrorists is unforgivable.

Wilders wants to create fear.

I don't want to live my life in fear, and it's not the way the Dutch deal with problems.
We don't see every muslim person in our town as a potential killer who aims to slash the heads of people who don't have the same religion.

Maybe that't the first lesson we can teach the world.

Not every muslim who came to my country came to kill, or put women behind veils.
They came to live here for many reasons.
But all agreed to live with us under the same law.

Not every Arab is a muslim, and not every muslim is a terrorist.


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