Saturday, April 19, 2008

exhibition at school

april 19 2008

The school of the girls had an exhibition last week.
All groups had changed their classroom into a museum with pieces of a special country.

One of the girls had a classroom with a lot of interesting information about the inuit.
My girl carved a whale from soft stone and it was exhibited in an ocean with an icemountain.

The other girl made huts of the toeareg. They even made some recipes. And ofcourse I had to taste some...
So the rest of the evening I was smelling of fish. LOL!

Funny things was that I didn't cook fish for dinner because of the smell...
Well, we do a lot for our children, don't we?

After a fashionshow of 5 minutes in the main hall I went to another classroom with teak furniture representing the tropics.

It was nice to see how much effort everyone had taken to make this evening a huge succes.

Another memory to add for the girls.



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