Sunday, April 13, 2008

DIY with two left hands

april 13 2008

He should have taken the date into consideration before he decided to do some DIY.

Really, he needs it, and we all know it since he drilled straight through a wall in the girls' room....

We finally bought some lights for the livingroom last week.
After more than 20 years the Ikea ones can be considered ikea-antiques.

So he got the drill and some other equipment, and got tremendously stressed.
The children found their way to the farthest corners of the house.
"Dad is going to hang the lamps... He has to drill!!"

When taking the lamps out of the box it was clear: not one hole, but two needed to be drilled.
Oh my dear!!

Some tactfull moves showed that one of the old holes could be used.

So only one hole a lamp... that's three holes.

The first lamp is ready.
Don't look if it hangs straight. It doesn't.
Tomorrow I'll put a little glue on the screw, which will cover up his mistake.
The lamp is little, so I'm sure it'll work.

It took me 20 minutes to clean up...

The other one is above the couch.
This time I could convice him to put a sheet between the couch and the drilldust.
His stress is almost visible in the room, the next round of drilling might reveal it, so a call goes through the house: "He's going to drill again."

Need we inform the neighbours that their painting might come off the wall when he drills a bit too far, like that time in the girls' room?
I'd better put my best anti wrinkle cream ready, because we still have one lamp to go.

He's born with two left hands, as they say it here.
None argues with that!!!


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